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Mark Ludmon (@MarkLudmon): Debbie Horsfield’s mad but entertaining BBC series Age Before Beauty was good. I’m not sure what the beauty industry makes of it but it brought back fond memories of attending the @pro_beauty show and awards in a previous job.


Do you have a workplace wellness programme in place in your salon or spa?

15% YES

85% NO

Diana Jenner (@orchidsretreat): Quote of the day in @pro_beauty’s #WardsWorld: “We have a responsibility to ensure our profession is given the respect it deserves, especially in the age of artificial intelligence, where experts believe we will end up outlasting all other careers”

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Why fewer students are training to become qualified MUAs

Juliette Elvin, owner of Skin ‘N’ Tonic, commented: “It’s not only make-up artists. Where have all the good, fully qualified beauty therapists gone? The exam requirements to train as a beauty therapist have been ‘dumbed’ down so much. The wrong people are training and then not entering the profession or are just not up to standard “

Jolene Young, beauty therapy learning assistant at Moray College UHI, commented: “Totally agree. Watching a couple of YouTube videos and being able to replicate one look on yourself does not make you an MUA.”

Beauty professionals rarely have time to clean their home, says survey

Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Men’s Grooming Salon and The Wax Academy, commented: “I have sent this to the other half as irrefutable, 100% backed-by-science proof that I am unable to hoover the house ever again. I’ll keep you posted about how that pans out “

Leonie Richardson, aesthetic therapist and owner of Flawless Skin & Body, commented: “What a load of rubbish. Not even so much as a hair anywhere in my house, it’s immaculate “

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This article appears in the PB October 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty