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Announces significant investment

The management team of Laser Lipo has secured significant investment from BeautyMed, a subsidiary of Modern Technology Company.

The investment supports the company’s latest product, the Strawberry Lift* machine, designed specifically to address double chins and skin tightening of the neck area, as well as reducing facial jowls, achieving a painless and non-invasive lower face lift. Clients see results from the first treatment.

The investment will allow the company to reach the medical aesthetic markets of the UK, US, and the Middle East with this impressive new device and provide for continued research and the development for an exciting range of new treatments, all taking advantage of the unique technology. The Cloud-based wifi-enabled technology makes it possible to install machines for free and only charge for treatments carried out.

Laser Lipo first introduced non-invasive laser inchloss treatments to the UK and Europe in 2007. Following its FDA approval for Strawberry Laser, the company has been focusing on the US market and is now aiming to dominate the UK with this newer machine.

Growing business

Laser Lipo directors Sharon and Ian Cobley welcome the vast experience that is joining the company.

BeautyMed has been in the medical aesthetic business in Saudi Arabia since 2010. Three members of its senior team are now joining the Laser Lipo board: chairman and chief executive Sheikh Farhan AlFaisal, co-founder Dr Chafic Kaedbey and group chief financial officer Wissam Farhat.

This team will combine their expertise to ensure Laser Lipo remains a leading presence in the medical aesthetic laser technology market worldwide.

Sheikh Farhan Al-Faisal holds a degree in civil engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (UPM). His career spans more three and half decades running a set of companies specialised in information technology, communication, high-tech infrastructure, security system, construction and civil works. He has built partnerships with companies from five continents to serve clients in government as well as in the commercial and private sectors.

Joining together

Sheikh Farhan founded Modern Technology (MOTECO) in 2001, which branched out into the medical field by acquiring Beauty Med in 2013.

Dr Chafic Kaedbey is cofounder and general manager of BeautyMed. He is a consultant in family medicine and an international expert and speaker in anti-aging medicine. He holds his MD and specialty degree from the American University of Beirut. After 15 years’ experience in clinical practice, Dr Kaedbey moved into the medical aesthetic field.

Wissam Farhat has a degree from the Lebanese American University with emphasis on banking, finance and accounting. He has two certificates in leadership from Harvard Business School and holds multiple executive roles as group chief executive for Mobiles Systems International and group chief financial officer for Modern Technologies Company.

Dr Chafic Kaedbey
Sheikh Farhan Al-Faisal
Wissam Farhat

01732 449755

* Patents pending

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This article appears in the PB October 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty