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Exuviance Probiotic Lysate Anti- Pollution Essence is formulated to provide a balancing, fortifying and hydrating layer between toning and serum application. The essence contains 10% probiotic lysate, 8% polyhydroxy acid and hyaluronic acid, with the key functions of strengthening the skin’s barrier and neutralising the effects of environmental aggressors, while gently exfoliating for optimal absorption of subsequent products.

Trade: £27

01234 313130 (Aesthetic Source)

Germaine de Capuccini 1st Essence is billed as a “new age” serum with a probiotic complex that defends and protects skin and stimulates the balance of the skin microbiome. The serum works to optimise microflora on the skin and reinforce its antimicrobiological barrier function.

A patented “MPC Complex” and cytokines help modulate the skin’s immunoregulatory defensive functions, while niacinamide repairs the skin’s barrier and improves tone and luminosity.

Trade: £29.40

01784 259988 (Totally UK)

Medik8 Balance Moisturiser & Glycolic Acid Activator is an oil-free moisturiser with a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance the skin’s microbiome and tackle the dryness, irritation and blemishes that can be caused as a result of a compromised microbiome.

The moisturiser comes with Glycolic Acid Activator – an AHA serum to help resurface skin for a brighter, clearer complexion. The activator helps boost the moisturiser’s action when used two to three times per week.

RRP: £45

03330 142434 (Skinbrands)

Murad Advanced Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer harnesses the brand’s patented Kombucha Collagen Defence Complex of probiotic kombucha, a fermented black tea; natural antibiotic usnic acid; antioxidants; tannins; and gallate and glucuronic acid, known for its detoxifying properties. Black cohosh is also included as a phytoestrogen used to help tackle hormonal breakouts. The serum was formulated specifically for adult acne, to reduce both fine lines and wrinkles and treat and prevent blemishes.

Trade: £24.38

0844 472 7050

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This article appears in the PB October 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty