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With the industry’s impact on the environment firmly in the spotlight, it’s no surprise that people are asking how we can improve the spa sector’s sustainability credentials. Just under three quarters (73%) believe the key is to identify and share better practices, while 42% think we’re stronger together – that more collaboration is needed between companies on environmental footprint goals to bring about effective change. Others (38%) believe more outcomes of improvement actions need to be published to highlight changes happening.

Meanwhile, with CBD riding high on the popularity wave, 27% are now offering cannabidiol treatments and experiences in their spa and getting amazing repeat custom from it. Find out how you can create 360-degree CBD-infused wellness experiences in your spa, and what you need to do this authentically, from some PB Award-winning businesses on page 75.

On the spot

How can we improve the industry’s sustainability credentials?

1. Identify and share better practices (73%)

2. More collaboration between companies on environmental goals (42%)

3. Publish outcomes of improvement actions undertaken(38%)

4. Help consumers more easily navigate the category (19%)

How are you investing in your therapists’ wellbeing?

1. Nothing in place yet (42%)

2. Monthly free treatment (31%)

3. Fresh fruit in the staff room (12%)

4. Discounts on local gyms/ workout classes (12%)

5. In-house yoga to prevent RSI

27% offer CBD treatments and experiences

Month in numbers

This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty