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FULL-BODY benefit

CACI Synergy+

To mark its 30th anniversary, CACI international is launching an enhanced version of its Synergy system, Synergy+, which offers increased functionality, including the S.P.E.D Quad Probes, an advanced attachment used for CACI’s jowl lift treatment.

The probes deliver simultaneous microcurrent and LED light, clinically proven to produce better and longer-lasting results than standalone microcurrent. They target the underlying muscle structure and the skin tissue at the same time for results that are doubly effective.

The jowl lift treatment techniques were developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline, which can cause drooping jowls and loose skin, and to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours to give a firmer and more toned appearance.

CACI recommends charging £60 for the Synergy+ Signature Facial Toning. Other Synergy+ treatment prices vary. 020 8731 5678 /

Tried and tested…

Theragun Deep Tissue Massage

The lowdown: Membership club The Ned in London has teamed up with technology company Therabody to bring fitness and wellbeing together in a treatment aimed at clients who take exercise, and recovery, seriously.

Using a Theragun –a handheld, battery-operated percussive therapy device – alongside manual massage, therapists work to ease muscle pain and aid recovery following strength training. The treatment is available to hotel guests and Ned Club members only.

The experience: Using what my massage specialist Micheal Frederick called “the Rolls Royce of massage guns”, the treatment involves rapid and repetitive pressure to increase blood flow and oxygen levels to tight muscles. As this was my first time, Frederick used the lowest setting to ease me in, starting on my feet, moving up my legs, back and eventually to my arms.

The gun pressure could instantly be felt but it was in no way uncomfortable. Yet, when applied to my feet, it did make my body jiggle around on the bed a bit.

On areas where I was particularly tight, like the backs of my thighs due to my strength training, the gun made me jump initially because you can really feel the tension, but after bearing the pressure for just a minute, the soreness eased and it became more manageable.

After 20 minutes with the Theragun, Frederick moved on to a traditional deep-tissue massage, using a mix of sweeping motions, elbow pressure and double finger presses. I could feel that the Theragun had warmed up my body nicely to handle the deep pressure of the 40-minute manual massage part of the treatment.

The verdict: I was unsure of what to expect as it’s nothing like a traditional massage, but I’ve come out a convert. Not only did I feel so much more flexible, but all the heaviness in my muscles from my strength training was gone. The combination of the percussive therapy device followed by manual techniques delivers an instantly effective massage.

Business benefits: If you offer sports therapy then this is a natural thing to add to your menu to deliver more for your fitness-loving clients, helping them recover quicker from workout sessions so they can continue to progress. It also gives therapists a break from the intensive massage movements needed during deep-tissue treatments. Yet, it is not for clients who don’t enjoy deep pressure – it’s results-driven rather than relaxing.

The Ned charges £180 for a 60-minute treatment and £210 for 90 minutes. 020 3828 2000 /

This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty