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Multline HIFU

Zemits Clinic

Ultrasound technology is familiar to almost everyone. Originally used for imaging in the medical field, it has been adapted in aesthetics for the transdermal delivery of cocktails and nutrients, as well as for cavitation, skin lifting and the ablation of excess adipose tissue.

Today, the most advanced and popular treatment is HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). It does not require anaesthesia and can be performed on a wide range of clients. It is cost effective for the clinic, has low risk of side effects or complications, and most importantly is comfortable for the client.

The non-invasive procedure uses a high-powered beam of ultrasound and does not harm the tissues it transverses.

Depending on the penetration depth, it will treat different concerns: skin ageing, laxity, fine lines, improvement of skin tone and the ablation of excess fatty cells on the body.

The HIFU process

Ultrasound energy is focused and penetrates tissue to cause thermal coagulation. The skin-healing response stimulates fibroblasts which, together with heat-induced denaturation of collagen, encourage the formation of new collagen, spatial structure and tightening of septal fibres, resulting in skin tightening and lifting.

Thermocoagulation predetermined focal points also destroy targeted subcutaneous adipose tissue, leaving surrounding tissues intact. This non-invasive ablation procedure offers several advantages in reducing local adipose tissue volume. Clients resistant to invasive surgeries choose a HIFU procedure as the more attractive alternative.

Before and after treatment with Zemits Ultranexx Pro. Images by Kate McKenna, co-owner of KMK Beauty Aesthetics & Laser salon

On the Zemits Ultranexx Pro, the multiline cartridges provide uniform treatment lines, facilitating the professional to deliver consistent, even and faster results. Imagine 11 lines delivered in less than one minute.

The traditional single-line cartridge delivery requires a longer treatment time and increases the likelihood of uneven spacing or irregular treatment lines.

Zemits Ultranexx Pro

The industry is filled with devices but the team at Zemits is thrilled with the results they are receiving from the updated multiline 3D HIFU. The improved and redesigned Zemits Ultranexx Pro delivers multiple shot lines together.

The software allows calibration of the distance between the spots fired to enable precision control of the distance between each line. Zemits has found in tests that this produces treatment harmony, consistency and uniformity for superior results. This also reduces treatment times by up to 50%, allowing a higher client turnover.

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty