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1 Do thorough research

“I spent my time choosing the right partner. I wanted someone with a CBD background who understood the mechanisms of CBD and ensured their product was independently tested for strength and efficacy.

Checking that the company manufactured their own CBD and had the lab facilities to do this was really key,” says Anderson.

“Further to this, independent studies on the products and quality controls needed to be in place so I could fully trust the brand partner. For example, strength for oral tincture really has to start at 5% (500mg in a 10ml bottle) as anything below that will not carry enough CBD to have any real benefit.”

2 Run the idea by your team

“Further consideration should be given to how comfortable your spa team will be working closely with CBD. While it is used topically in problem areas of tension, absorption differs to ingestion or if it is taken sublingually. Your therapists already work with many other essential oils, so adding another dimension can be daunting,” explains Johnson. “There needs to be an education piece for your therapists around the safety of CBD’s use.

Some of my team were not comfortable working with it, and that’s OK.”

3 Try before you buy

“Sampling the products first-hand was an absolute given. However, when trialling the ranges, I ensured that it wasn’t just our spa team that got to test out the products. It was important that the wider hotel team enjoyed the experiences and believed in the brand, so I had representatives from all over our estate feed back their thoughts,” says Core. “We also made sure we researched brands fully – credentials, strength and sustainability – and even called on our industry friends to share their thoughts about brands.”

4 Think about your current offering

“Evaluate what you’re trying to achieve and ensure your guest type, team and any existing product houses you work with will be open to you using CBD products,” says Johnson. “Educating guests and your therapists in the uses and benefits of CBD is crucial, and always remember it’s a supplement not a medical treatment – we should never prescribe. Each guest’s tolerance differs and if they are new to CBD then they should start with a low dose and increase slowly.”

5 Adjust your retail strategy

“Work with a partner who has a good range of retail lines, including some at the lower end of the price scale as many people will still be ‘taking a chance’ on CBD. I advise having smaller-sized CBD lines, samples, or bath bombs that they can try without making a huge commitment. Clients will love it and return for the full-sized products later,” adds Anderson.

This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty