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WHY YOU NEED an online store

Fresha, the leading free appointmentscheduling software platform, has launched Fresha Store.

Now salons and spas can transform their retail potential by offering clients the opportunity to buy their favourite beauty and spa products online.

Over 60,000 hair, beauty and wellness partners and 200,000 salon and spa professionals that manage their appointments, promote their services and protect their incomes with Fresha, can now create an online store, promote and sell products, and collect payments, all from within the Fresha platform.

Set up your new online store in Fresha to:

• Impress clients with a professionally designed store

• Offer clients delivery or pick-up options

• Collect online payments with Fresha Payment Processing

Quick and easy to create

It’s natural to want to impress clients, so any salon or spa worried about needing the right technical skills to create a professional-looking online shop needn’t be concerned. Fresha has made it simple and intuitive so that any salon or spa can have a functional store in minutes.

“With just a few clicks, you can personalise your online store by adding logos, a store name and description, and even add social links,” says Fresha co-founder Nick Miller.

“In no time at all, your clients will know that you’re now selling the products you use in professional beauty services and treatments online.”

Tell your clients

When your store is set up, it’s time to let your clients know. With a unique link generated for your store, it’s easy to promote on social media, and by using the marketing tools available within the Fresha platform.

You can also offer clients the choice of collecting their purchase from the salon or spa, reserving it for when they attend their next appointment, or you can ship items directly.

Online payments

With Fresha Payment Processing ensuring smooth and seamless payments for your online store, partners receive money upfront, and of course, it’s contactless. And if for any reason a refund needs to be processed for a purchase made on your online store, that’s easily done at the click of a button.

When you start making sales from your store, Fresha simply charges a transaction fee of 1.29% + 20p, so partners only pay as they sell.

William Zeqiri, Fresha chief executive and founder said: “The potential for online retail in the beauty and wellness industry is huge, and many salons and spas have yet to take advantage of this. Fresha Store is a big step in the right direction, as we’ve made it easy to create a store within Fresha.

“As part of our feature mix, it means our partners have everything in one place, which simplifies their business lives too.

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty