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This month sees the launch of the Eneka Pro diode laser, a powerful hair-removal laser designed and manufactured in Spain by TermoSalud, a company established over 30 years ago. It is the top-selling laser in Spain, the world’s largest market per capita for laser hair removal.

Eneka Pro has become a market leader as a result of many years or research and development. The company has produced a platform system that can accommodate a variety of handpieces, allowing customised treatment for each skin type, body area and hair type. With both 755nm and 808nm it offers peak absorption in melanin and with up to 5000Watts it delivers superior results on both dark, thick hairs and lighter fine hairs. This high power enables a very short pulse duration as low as 3ms, ensuring maximum results in fewer treatments.

" It is IMPORTANT to choose a laser that not only ENSURES THE BEST RESULTS for your clients but CAN ALSO PERFORM fast treatments "

Affordable devices

Laser hair removal has grown exponentially since its introduction to the UK over 20 years ago and while there are many clinics and salons offering this treatment, the market continues to grow. As prices of treatment have reduced over the years it is now less expensive than waxing over time and is now affordable for most people.

With lower pricing, however, it is important to choose a laser that not only ensures the best results for your clients but can also perform fast treatments. This will allow salons to maximise revenue per hour and be competitive in the market, even with lower prices. The Eneka Pro, as well as boasting the highest power on the market, also offers a large spot size so full legs can be treated in 10 minutes. It can treat all skin types and with an intelligent skin contact cooling system is pain free without compromising results.

Choose quality

Eneka Pro has Medical CE certification, providing assurance of the highest quality in terms of design and manufacture and with low running costs it can be a very profitable addition to clinics and salons. For salons that offer older, slower lasers or IPL, the Eneka Pro can transform the business of laser hair removal to high profitability. TermoSalud UK offers trade-in plans for those wishing to upgrade their technology and also offers comprehensive training and marketing support.

As well as Eneka Pro, the company has a range of other innovative devices, including Zionic, a unique rotational resistive radiofrequency device for body skin tightening and sculpting. This product is taking Europe by storm and will be introduced in the UK at the Professional Beauty London show on April 3–4.

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty