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1 Fresha

Fresha’s deposits feature takes a down payment from clients as they book, deducted from their bill following the treatment. The feature is customisable and can be enabled across your treatment menu or applied to select services. The feature also allows you to choose which client groups are required to pay a deposit and whether you want deposits across the board or only from first-time clients.

Pricing structure: Percentage taken. No monthly fee

2 Treatwell

The recently launched Treatwell Pro includes free SMS reminders to alert your clients to upcoming bookings and help reduce the number of no-shows in your salon. Treatwell Pro also allows you to send personalised and branded SMS and emails to customers to offer them discounts, promotions or flash sales, which will invite the customer to book instantly in a bid to fill empty slots on slow days and keep past customers returning.

Pricing structure: from £399 a year

3 Beu

Beu houses a range of features to limit cancellations and client no-shows. Remind clients about their appointments through the email and SMS service or allow them to easily reschedule their slots if something comes up last minute. Beu also flags clients who have previously not shown up for appointments, so you know which people are becoming repeat offenders.

Pricing structure: Percentage taken. No monthly fee.

4 Vagaro

Vagaro offers Waitlist, a functionality to help fill open slots caused by last minute cancellations. Clients can be added to a waiting list when your schedule is fully booked, so that, if a client cancels their appointment, you can manually select a client from the list to fill the slot, or Vagaro automatically notifies your Waitlist customers of the availability.

Pricing structure: from £30/month

5 Salon by Premier Software

In addition to deposit and cancellation fees and automated confirmation and reminders, Salon by Premier Software provides warnings of non-arrivals. Should clients not arrive for an appointment, the system can alert staff to this at the point of scheduling their next booking.

This gives staff the opportunity to take a deposit (if you haven’t applied this rule to all bookings), reiterate your cancellation policy or decline the booking.

Pricing structure: from £51.95 per month

6 Timely

Timely’s “minimised gaps” feature allows you to control how much availability you want your clients to see, guiding them to choose appointment times that work better for your business.

Instead of showing all available slots, the feature, when turned on, allows you to choose to only show slots adjacent to other appointments, the first or last slots available, and slots next to breaks in the day.

Pricing structure: from £20 per month

7 Late Space

Created specifically to tackle “cancel culture”, Late Spa notifies residents in your local area of appointment cancellations to help you fill slots caused by no-shows and lastminute cancellations. The app, set to launch over the next few months, aims to turn these cancellations into new bookings, letting customers see every appointment available for the next 72 hours. The aim is to take away the hard part of finding last-minute availability so businesses and customers can get the most out of every day.

Pricing structure:

Percentage taken.

No monthly fee.

8 Phorest

From deposits to extras such as SMS reminders, Phorest offers a range of tools to minimise no-shows and maximise profits and growth.

Bookings through Phorest are secured with a credit card, giving you the option to take deposits for all or some services. You can amend the deposit amount based on who’s booking, set a higher deposit for new clients or those who can be a little flakey, or you can reduce the deposit for loyal, returning customers.

Pricing structure: price on request

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July 2022
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