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5 STEPS to keep clients COMING BACK

Client retention in a beauty salon is a huge asset and can be more lucrative than finding new clients, suggests scheduling and business management software company Vagaro. Whether you’re a mobile business owner or head up a team of beauty therapists, here are five proven ways to keep clients returning to your doors.

1. Use clever marketing tools

Enhance client retention by taking advantage of Vagaro’s email marketing tools. Wish them a happy birthday, invite them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram, or remind them that they can book 24/7. Send a text to a specific customer or set up text campaigns to automatically send on birthdays, before and after appointments or to lost customers.

You can also segment your client base with tags to promote special offers. Targeted messaging lets customers know their experience is customised specifically for them. Did you know that text message marketing has proven higher open rates than email and social media marketing? A text marketing campaign books an average of 12.3 appointments per 1,000 texts sent. Plus, text marketing leads to more than two times the bookings of email campaigns (based on Vagaro’s data).

2. Focus on reviews.

With Vagaro, only verified customers can leave reviews.

Try to engage with clients by publicly responding to reviews. A well-crafted response improves a customer’s experience and shows you care about your clients.

Upload photos to showcase your work and treatment offering. Build your business with reviews from customers and before-and-after photos of your clients. Set yourself apart from the rest and book clients on the spot.

3. Offer deals

Promote your specials, sales, and discounts with Vagaro’s daily deals to bring in more business. By adding a daily deal, you are four times more likely to be booked by new customers. Simply select one of hundreds of photos, add a title and description, and customers can book your services immediately.

4. Use an IG booking widget

This allows all employees in a salon to implement a booking widget on Instagram specifically for their own services, instead of the entire business. This is a great way to keep clients loyal, especially if they’ve built up a relationship with their therapist.

Instagram booking integration has been so popular with Vagaro customers, it’s now being made available to all service providers, including those who rent a chair. This is a great way for employees to share their booking links to their customers and avoid competing with their co-workers. It’s also an easy way to help beauty therapists make commission by tracking products sold from their own booking widgets.

5. Create your own business-branded app

Boost your branding and protect the exclusive relationship with your clients with Vagaro’s Branded App. It allows your customers to book online, purchase from your online store and manage their customer profile. If you’re a multi-site beauty salon, your clients can easily view all available locations and choose which they want to book with.

Try Vagaro for your salon using promo code PBA, for an exclusive two-month free trial


This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty