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Debate: do you respond to negative reviews and comments on social media?

Jemma Evans, owner of Bella Grace Beauty, West Midlands, commented: “I would always acknowledge the comment and then direct them to private message so we can discuss the issue in more detail. I feel ignoring it validates it even more, especially if you are active on your socials and reply to most comments.”

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What’s your top tip for increasing client spend?

Justyna Rostek, beauty director of Guinot Earlsfield, commented: “Listen. Listen.

Listen. Concentrate on clients’ goals and ask good questions in the consultation. Make them feel valued and heard.”

Kieley Scholey, owner of Beauty by Kieley Scholey, commented:

“I find using a ‘treatment of the month’ and adding a little extra to it makes people want to book it the month that it’s on offer.”

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Do you offer CBD treatments in your spa/salon?

Sam Blake, holistic therapist and founder of The Safer Salon Geek:

“I read the article ‘Licensing scheme for aesthetics to become law’. A much -needed step forward to shape the whole of our industry. As the industry has become more technical, with risk levels increasing, licensing and regulatory reform is a must. Quality and standards of training are fundaments, but also the origins of manufacturing and purchase of product and equipment need to be addressed too.

I am all for regulatory reform that makes the whole industry safer.”

Retinol, graphic liner and gua sha named this year’s top beauty trends

@_youngldn commented:

“We love to include gua sha at the end of our treatments”

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This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty