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With summer holiday season finally upon us, gelpolish manicures are increasing in popularity as clients opt for a look that will last.

However, gel manicures can come with their own set of problems, with common issues including chipping (42%), lifting (29%) and shrinkage (21%).

Luckily, 63% of your nail techs are confident in upselling products during manicures to help them go the distance.

Summer also leads to clients asking for brighter and bolder mani looks. Despite the rise in popularity of nail art among stars such as Harry Styles, Kylie Jenner and Lizzo, only 24% of you say that get nail art inspiration from celebrities.

Meawhile, if you’re considering branching out alone, find out how to make a name for yourself as a mobile tech on page 66.

On the spot

Which problems do your nail techs encounter the most with gel-polish manicures?

1. Chipping (42%)

2. Lifting (29%)

3. Shrinkage (21%)

4. No problems (8%)

24% get nail art inspiration from celebrities

63% are c onfident upselling products during manicures

Month in numbers

How did nail treatment business in May 2022 compare with April 2022?

How did nail retail business in May 2022 compare with April 2022?

23 nail treatments performed on average per week in May

METHODOLOGY Insider is compiled from a monthly survey of spas and beauty salons. The people who participated represent a cross-section of the industry and were polled by email from May 26 to June 13, regarding business for the month to May 31. Nail business for the Insider Nails page was calculated from data provided by salons that offer nail services among other treatments. The figures given represent the average score for each answer. Brands are ranked when mentioned by several respondents.


This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty