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The world’s safest & most hygienic PIERCING SYSTEM

For the past 45 years, over 200 million people have trusted Inverness for safe and gentle piercing. Now, the United Kingdom and Ireland brand distribution has been acquired solely by Goodman Bros. The company’s experienced and knowledgeable piercing team are on hand to support all salon piercing needs including training, licensing, and merchandising support.

Becky Thorn, the Inverness brand manager, is excited to drive piercing partners business to another level.

The Inverness system is successfully used in the beauty, tattoo, jewellery, and pharmaceutical sectors in over 70 countries worldwide. Its unique features include a hand-pressured instrument, giving the piercer full control, fully enclosed sterile capsules and exclusive inverness safety backs designed to ensure the safest ear-piercing experience possible.

As a piercing partner, Inverness guarantees a 360-degree support package which allows salons to provide the highest level of service to clients. Throughout your journey with Inverness, the team will provide comprehensive training and support for you and your staff with internationally trained experts.

The accredited training programme covers not only the physical piercing process but every aspect needed to develop a successful piercing business. Training is provided free of charge and available either at your salon premises or through an online platform. The goal is to ensure all of your team are comfortable piercing in their own environment.

Inverness continuously provides its partners with all of the tools needed to promote their piercing business. From social media imagery and posts to newsletters and personalised marketing material, they will help make your interaction with your clients informative and exciting. In addition, the internal support team at Inverness are on hand to guide you every step of the way with your council submissions, licensing and insurance requirements.

Some Inverness earscape ideas for piercing formations

On-trend piercing

Inverness’s piercing earrings are constantly evolving to ensure the very latest styles and trends are available.

As you may have noticed, multiple ear-piercings are in. Gorgeous earscapes and curated ears are all over social media and the high street. The Inverness Ear-Piercing system is designed to pierce not only the earlobe but the outer cartilage areas of the ear too. This makes complete ear design a service you can offer to your clients.

Inverness: style, sterility, substance

Inverness offers a wide range of hypoallergenic metal choices, including 18ct, 14ct and 9ct gold, 24ct gold plate, medical-grade stainless steel, and medical-grade titanium.

All Inverness piercing earrings meet the most stringent global standards. As beautiful as the earrings are, it’s how they are made that will give you true peace of mind. They use only the best materials available. All Inverness piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and made with ultra-thin piercing posts and a finely honed tip for the gentlest piercing possible.

Case study: Studio Aberdeen

Sammy McDonald, owner of Studio Aberdeen, decided to take Inverness Safe and Gentle ear piercing into her salon after her daughter experienced a piercing and was impressed by the system. McDonald says a big selling point was having a trainer come to the salon to train all staff onsite.

Not only does Inverness pierce with a hand-pressured instrument but it also uses earrings with a surgical honed point, which are as sharp as a needle. Not to mention the large range of metals and styles which are available to pierce both the ear lobe and cartilage, along with a disposable system for piercing the nose.

As Studio Aberdeen’s new location was close to opening in December, McDonald arranged for a launch night to take place offering treatments throughout the salon with ear piercing on the menu. Expecting to have a handful of clients wanting the service, to the team’s amazement a long queue formed for ear piercing and ended up being the busiest part of the night.

“Taking Inverness into the salon has been fantastic from the start. The trainer travelled all the way to us to train eight of our team,” says McDonald. “Our clients have been delighted with the new service and we have pierced over 300 ears so far.

The kit provided was a good price, the mark up on the jewellery is good and the selection is fantastic. The support from the brand has been great. We are excited to offer so many exciting safe services.”

Inverness can offer:

• The world’s safest and most hygienic piercing system

• Technologically advanced

• Pierce lobe, cartilage and nose

• Low investment

• High margin

• Drives incremental visits

• Introduces and engages new customers

• Full, accredited training course provided

• Jeweller-quality earrings

To find out more, contact Goodman

Bros on 01223 828718


This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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