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Top techs from the UK and beyond battled it out with their brushes and buffers over two days at Professional Beauty North to place in the North Nail Championships 2018. Lucy Price, Katarzyna Kruszynska and Zsuzsanna Fecsik all took home multiple trophies each, putting their names irmly on the competition circuit map. PB

International Manicurist of the Year

Lucy Price

Permanent Polish

Ffirst: Lucy Price

Second: Jiak Hing

Third: Monika Wojtachnio

Salon Nail

Ffirst: Paulina Zdrada

Second: Hayley Dawson

Third: Raluca Nistorescu

Spa Manicure

Ffirst: Lucy Price

Second: Fatemeh Parhiz

Pink & White Competition Style

Ffirst: Katarzyna Kruszynska

Second: Anna Zawadzinska

Third: Zsuzsanna Fecsik

One Stroke Boxed

Ffirst: Anna Zawadzinska

Second: Adriana Onofrei

Third: Martyna Bryzek

Photographic Nail Art

Ffirst: Scarlett Senter

Second: Gail Nicholls

Third: Diana Sirvydyte

Voters’ choice: Lorna Andrews

Nail Masters

Ffirst: Andreea Simona Ignat

Second: Kfirsty McDonough

Third: Zsuzsanna Fecsik

Dip System

Ffirst: Patrycja Gralak

Second: Katarzyna Kruszynska

Third: Kfirsty McDonough

International Nail Master

Zsuzsanna Fecsik

Nail Starters Permanent Polish

Ffirst: Alena Istomina

Second: Michelle Horton

Third: Emma Glover

Showcase Nail Art

Ffirst: Natsuko Takanishi

Second: Katarzyna Kruszynska

Third: Sarah Kay Abbott

Nail Starters Student Manicure

Ffirst: Michelle Horton

Second: Sue Hayes

Third: Christina Savage


A big thank you to competition director Denise Wright and the judges: Katie Barnes, Michelle Brookes, Caroline Carrick, Hazel Dixon, Nicola Harrison, Linda Hill, Fereida Lydiate, Kfirsty Meakin, Jacqui O’Sullivan, Sean O’Sullivan and Jo Whittle.

This article appears in the PB December 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the PB December 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty