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DEAL or no deal

It’s not the most glamorous of subjects but if you don’t gain a basic understanding of the importance of contracts you may be faced with some very unglamorous legal action,” says NBF chief executive Hilary Hall.

Employees and space/room renters

“As soon as someone accepts your job offer a contract is created – it doesn’t have to be in writing,” explains Hall. “But it’s always best practice to have a written contract. This should cover details (called ‘terms’) such as the main conditions of their employment (for example, hours of work and pay), their rights, responsibilities, and duties.”

It is a legal requirement to give employees a “written statement of employment” within two months of their start date. Providing a contract of employment setting out the required information will ensure that you comply with this.

“If you have space or room renters in your salon, having legally watertight agreements in place is also vital. This will ensure you are both clear about your rights and responsibilities and could avoid expensive legal action in the future,” says Hall.

NBF members can download free beauty apprenticeship agreements, employee contracts and staff handbooks at Free space/room-renting agreements are also available:

Employee rights

Don’t forget – your new employee will have rights from day one of their employment.

“They will begin to accrue annual leave straight away, must be paid the National Minimum Wage and will also be entitled to the same rest breaks as every other employee in your salon,” says Hall.

Find out more about employee rights and your responsibilities under GDPR:

Zero hours, zero rights?

Bear in mind that part-time and ixed-term workers must be treated in the same way as a full-time or permanent employee, says Hall.

“Also - don’t make the common mistake of thinking that zero hours means zero rights. For example, in most cases, zero-hour workers will be entitled to the National Minimum Wage and paid annual leave.”


“You can only make an employee work overtime if their contract allows this,” says Hall. “You don’t have to pay an employee for overtime, but their average pay for all the hours they have worked must not dip below the National Minimum Wage.”

Beneits for NBF members include access to a free 24/7 employment helpline. Find out more at


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This article appears in the PB December 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty