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Selling the right aftercare products to clients post-treatment is an important part of any manicure or pedicure service, but there are a few items your techs are finding hard to retail. Hand cream (36%) came out top as the most challenging sell, followed closely by the matching polish to your client’s chosen nail shade (28%), cuticle oil (14%) and nail files (7%).

Meanwhile, with at-home DIY gel-polish systems still on the rise, just under half of you (42%) have had awkward conversations with clients who have asked for your advice on how to use these kits.

This shows there’s still a lot the industry needs to do to help clients see why having a treatment with a professional is the only way to get safe and longlasting results. On page 113, award-winning nail tech Katie Barnes reveals how to achieve the perfect form fit every time.

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On the spot

Which product do you find most difficult to retail to clients post-manicure?

1. Hand cream

2. Matching colour polish

3. Cuticle oil

4. Nail file


have had clients ask them advice on how to use at-home gel-polish kits

Which style of caption on social media posts engages your customers the most?

1. Informative

2. Sassy

3. Funny

4. Heartfelt

METHODOLOGY Insider is compiled from a monthly survey of spas and beauty salons. The people who participated represent a crosssection of the industry and were polled by email from January 2-7, regarding business for the month to December 31. Nail business for the Insider Nails page was calculated from data provided by salons that offer nail services among other treatments. The figures given represent the average score for each answer. Brands are ranked when mentioned by several respondents.

December 2019 in numbers


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This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty