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Us Londoners are often accused of existing in a bubble, and if you saw the visual maps of how the country voted at the recent election, it’s easy to understand why. But political persuasions aside, there are some key differences in the behaviour of beauty consumers up and down the country that any service provider needs to know to plan their offer.

While vegan salons are booming in London and the South West, for example, the trend has been slower to take off in Scotland and the North, reflecting differing priorities in these areas, as well as a potential gap in the market for future growth. Find out more on page 13.

There are also some key regional differences when it comes to the amount of time clients are investing in their personal appearance (see page 15). And our feature this month on tanning trends also reveals variations. It may not come as a surprise that dark, dramatic formulations sell better in the North but did you know that the regional differences even extend to the paper pants clients choose while being sprayed? Find out how on page 90.

In celebration of the regions, we’ve also been touring the UK this month to explore some exciting launches. Find out how local cave and woodland landscapes influenced the redesign of Wiltshire-based Aqua Sana Longleat Forest on page 83, and how a £7.5m investment brought Newcastle’s historic City Baths back to life, on page 16.

Wherever you’re based, don’t miss our preview of Professional Beauty London 2020 (page 66), where the industry will come together, not only from across the UK but around the world too, to share launches, trends and ideas to help to grow your business, no matter its location.


This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty