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Pevonia No-Rinse Body Wrap Treatment

Addressing concerns over worldwide water wastage, spa brand Pevonia has developed a suite of no-rinse body wraps. The Cactus & Agave Vita-Repair Body Wrap offers anti-inflammatory benefits, helping to reduce rough patches and dryness, while the Crepe-No-More De-Ageing Body Wrap counteracts skin crepiness and uneven texture.

The 50-minute treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation using a body brush to remove dead skin cells, before a plastic sheet is loosely wrapped around the client’s back, legs, arms, stomach and chest, and a blanket placed on top for warmth.

Pevonia cocoon massage movements, as well as a scalp massage, are then performed for 20 minutes, before the body wrap is removed.

Pevonia recommends charging between £60 and £80 for the 50-minute treatment (depending on location). Call the brand on 01449 727000

This month we tried… Elim MediHeel Pedicure

The lowdown: Elim’s medical-grade pedicure targets dry, hard skin on the feet with chemical exfoliation. With less focus on manual exfoliation, the alpha hydroxy acid takes the hard work out of filing feet for a speedy, yet effective, treatment. The treatment was combined with Bio Sculpture’s hard gel on the toes. Both brands are distributed by Re:New Beauty.

The experience: My tech Paris Thomson started the treatment by trimming my nails and pushing my cuticles back, before applying Elim MediHeel Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant onto the hardest parts of my soles and leaving for 10 minutes. Once it was removed, any leftover tough skin was then effortlessly scraped off and softened with a pumice stone.

An exfoliating scrub was then buffed into my feet to neutralise the acid before being soaked in a footbath. Once my feet were dry, a cream rich in vitamin C and E was massaged in to nourish the skin.

My toenails were then filed and shaped before being painted with two coats of Bio Sculpture hard gel Ivory Beige.

A clear gel top coat was applied alongside a nourishing cuticle oil. To finish, my feet were misted with MediHeel Rejuvenating Gold Spritz, leaving a subtle golden shimmer. The whole treatment took around 60 minutes.

The verdict: My worn-out feet were restored and left significantly smoother, with results lasting up to six weeks. The treatment itself strikes the perfect balance between being results-driven and relaxing, with the effective ingredients and invigorating foot massage. The Bio Sculpture gel-polish is also glossy and extremely hard-wearing.

Business benefits: The alpha hydroxy acids effortlessly remove hard skin and calluses from the feet. Not only is it quick and simple to use, but it’s also cost-effective, saving time from exhaustive foot filing. Retailing is made easy with effective products, which are sold in some of the best spas and salons around the world.

Tried by Eleanor Vousden Elim recommends charging the same amount as your usual pedicure offering. Call the brand on 03333 111 555

Sensory Retreats Mandala Flow Massage

Sensory Retreats is the latest wellbeing brand from Shared Beauty Secrets, the UK distributor of massage treatment brand Lava Shells and founder of Kokolokahi. The Sensory Retreats brand is launching a range of holistic treatments that use natural ingredients and massage techniques combined with mindful experiences.

The first to launch is the Mandala Flow Massage - a multi-sensory ritual that blends Eastern and Western techniques with the “power of flowing”. Integrating sound with aromatherapy oils such as lavender and peppermint, the mind is guided into a meditative state before the back, shoulders, legs and scalp are massaged with effleurage, drainage and bear walk techniques.

Upon completion, clients are gently awoken with herbal tea. This treatment is currently available exclusively at Stoke Park Spa in Buckinghamshire. Other treatments available set to launch include the Divine Escape Massage.

Shared Beauty Secrets recommends charging £140 for the 85-minute Mandala Flow Massage. Call the brand on 01295 235511

This month we tried… Bespoke Oxyjet Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The lowdown: Well-known for its high-tech oxygen system, Oxyjet revitalises dull complexions using pulsed oxygen pressure to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin.

It is described as a skin treatment, not a facial, with the protocol tailored to each client’s skincare needs and featuring a range of advanced elements on top, such as LED light therapy, lymph drainage and microdermabrasion.

The experience: I had my treatment with therapist Alice Spice at the Aurora Wellbeing Spa at Park Plaza County Hall in Waterloo, London. After double cleansing, Spice applied an enzyme peel to resurface my skin, which was left on for five minutes, during which she performed a hand and arm massage.

Then, the treatment was ramped up a gear with a three-step oxygen approach. First came Oxycool - a pulsed oxygen pressure injection which shoots a purifying concentrate serum into the skin to tighten cells and calm redness, which I was suffering from on my chin due to congestion. It was cold on the skin but by no means uncomfortable.

This was followed by Oxytone - a poly-rotational device head that works to tone the facial muscles using a lifting action, all the while pulsing oxygen into the skin to deliver actives further into the epidermis.

The last element was Oxyspray - an oxygen fluid which was sprayed onto the skin in a sweeping motion. It contains moisturising and anti-inflammatory active ingredients to further refresh skin, after which a Cooling Mask was applied to enhance the results.

Spice also added an LED element to the treatment to further tackle my congestion. She used the Bio2Light LED Light Therapy Hood for 10 minutes, using a mixture of blue light to minimise the inflammation and red light to boost collagen production. The treatment finished with application of an eye oil, moisturiser and SPF.

The verdict: My skin looked and felt incredible afterwards. I had such a healthy glow, the congestion on my chin had minimised and everything looked tighter thanks to the lifting action in treatment.

Business benefits: Although oxygen facials have been around for a while, few are as advanced as Oxyjet. The brand’s different ways of using oxygen to smartly deliver actives deeper into the skin is a great point of difference to have on your treatment menu, and because the protocol is tailored every time, the experience feels really personalised.

Tried by Amanda Pauley Oxyjet recommends charging from £85 to £195 for the 80-minute treatment (depending on location and the elements included in the treatment).

Call the brand on 01775 722243

This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty