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Armand Beasley (@armandbeasley): Thank you @pro_beauty01 for this feature on me and my work…. weird when you see a timeline, of events in your career


Do you plan to increase your use of vegan beauty products in 2020?

44% YES

56% NO

Justyna Rostek (@guinot_sw18): What were your 2019 highlights? Hard to pick, but one of ours… had an article published in @pro_beauty magazine

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Advice to give a first-time waxing client

Toiny Rhodes-Yeomans, owner of mobile make-up and waxing specialist The T in Beauty, commented: “This is some useful information for first-time waxers. Also, always check the lingo with the person that’s waxing you, as some people say Brazilian when they want it all off but for me that’s with a triangle/strip.”

Amie Sparrow, beauty therapist at Heavenly Beauty, Bristol, commented: “I believe waxing is the best method of hair removal. Some really useful info for anyone thinking about waxing, as the first time can be quite daunting as you have no idea what to expect.”

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Why beauty therapists and medical practitioners need to talk more

Janice Beck, founder at Arapio, commented: “I am very pleased this is being addressed. When I started trading 15 years ago, I approached the local GP practices and explained what qualifications I had, what treatments I was offering and asked if my clients could approach the medical team should consent be required. I have been lucky, I think, as my relationship with the medical team has been great ever since.”

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This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty