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Hair removal voted most annoying beauty habit

Brits have named hair removal their numberone summer grooming bugbear, marking an opportunity for salons to cash in on treatments that take the hassle out of de-fuzzing.

Some 49% said they hate waxing or shaving, according to research from hair removal specialist Centros Unico.

Just under a third (31%) go to salons for a wax, visiting on average once a month, while 35% prefer removing hair at home. Many said value for money was important, with 46% stating they are swayed by price over expertise when booking a hair-removal treatment.

Researchers also discovered that more than three quarters (87%) had heard of laser hair removal but said the cost (58%) and nervousness around the term “laser” (44%) had put them off trying it.

Most of those who had experienced the treatment said they only felt a mild discomfort (47%) during it, while others said they didn’t feel any pain at all (26%), and more than half (51%) admitted they had seen good results, the report found.

Separately, half of millennial women said unwanted body hair has made them feel less confident, according to new data by hair removal brand Nair.

Researchers found that 56% of women hate the time-consuming nature of shaving, 44% find it irritates their skin and 72% said hair grows back too quickly – with the bikini line (72%) cited as the biggest offender, followed by underarms (58%) and legs (52%).

Some even said they would be willing to make hypothetical life sacrifices in return for 12 months fuzz-free, with many willing to give up coffee (48%), Netflix (44%) or sex (39%), the report found.

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty June 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty