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Men now make up one in five salon customers in the UK, according to the 2017 Beautiful Britain Report by Salon Services. But despite an increase in the number of men who are turning into treatment regulars, the report also found just 45% of salons offer male grooming services.

One of the easiest ways to get a slice of the market is by offering male hair removal. Attracting men through the doors with familiar maintenance services such as brow or nostril waxing can be a great first step towards eventually introducing them to other treatments such as tans and massage.

Waxing men isn’t for everyone. But if you’re ready to explore the male grooming boom, now is the perfect time to enrol on a specialist course, with an increasing number of waxing brands developing training that focuses on teaching the techniques and tips that separate male from female waxing services. As well as teaching the technical aspects, these courses aim to arm the therapist with confidence and professional etiquette, and prepare them to put their new skillset into practice.


Duration: One day

Price: £275. Therapists go home with a training manual, goody bag and 20% off their first order, and can contact Nkd for help and advice after the course.

Location: Nkd, Nottingham

Requirements: Minimum NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy or a basic waxing qualification for pot and spatula skills

Models: Provided, but students can provide their own if mentioned when booking

CPD: 12 points

What’s involved? Perron Rigot Male Intimate courses are held at PB Award-winning salon Nkd in Nottingham, which runs a training academy approved by the brand.

The main focus of the course is teaching therapists how to carry out the famous back, sack and crack treatment, but it also teaches male Brazilian and Hollywood techniques. Students learn how to use both strip and non-strip waxes on men, specifically Perron Rigot’s Cirepil Cristal Ocean (strip) and Euroblonde (non-strip).

Besides the practical elements, the objectives of the course are to educate therapists on relevant contraindications and health and safety precautions, as well as correct pre- and post-wax advice for clients. Students are assessed by trainer observation and through a written test at the end of the course.

Key takeaway: Therapists will come away “more skilled for the role with greater confidence in what they are doing”, says Nkd Waxing Academy trainer Jenny Hunter, who explains that the course passes on helpful tips to increase therapists’ confidence when waxing men, such as positioning. “We put men in a slightly different position when waxing certain intimate areas due to their long limbs and more sensitive parts. Therapists will learn which positions allow them to access specific areas more effectively.”


Duration: One day

Price: £250

Location: Edinburgh, Kent, Leeds, London, Manchester, West Sussex and more

Requirements: Previous attendance on Waxperts Beginners or Pro Conversion course

Models: Students provide their own

What’s involved? The course covers male hair removal from the face, torso and intimate areas. It’s designed for experienced waxing therapists to move up a skill level and gain confidence in delivering waxing services in the ever-growing male grooming market. The course promises to guide therapists through each service competently and safely: brows, nose, ears, chest, back, intimate tidy and Hollywood.

Students are taught facial waxing techniques using hot wax, which the brand says is gentler on skin so more comfortable, while services on the body use a combination of strip and hot. Students are assessed practically throughout the day.

Key takeaway: “The stretch is essential when it comes to male intimate waxing because the skin around a man’s genitals is much looser than on women,” says tutor Angie Sanderson, lead Waxperts educator for Sweet Squared, which distributes the brand. “Holding the skin taut prevents bruising and makes it a much more comfortable experience for your client.”


Duration: Half day

Price: £199

Location: Capital stores in Edinburgh, Kent, Leeds, London, Manchester, West Sussex and more

Requirements: The course is intended for experienced waxers who already hold a qualification in waxing

Models: Students provide their own

CPD: Six hours

What’s involved? This Habiaaccredited course, from Salon System’s waxing brand Just Wax, is designed to allow therapists to increase their male clientele and boost profits as well as developing male waxing skills.

Developed in association with male waxing specialist Andy Rouillard, the course shares his triedand- tested method for carrying out the “boyzilian”, which removes hair from the genitals, groin area and buttocks.

Students also learn advanced techniques for waxing the nose, ears, back and shoulders, and are taught product knowledge. Client etiquette is also a focus, so the course covers correct and comfortable positioning and hygiene points. Students leave with marketing tips to help build clientele and keep clients coming back. Upon successful completion, learners receive a certificate approved by Habia, Babtac and multiple insurers.

Key takeaway: A consideration of marketing aspects such as pricing means students come away with the tools to achieve commercial success with their new skills. Rouillard says the training “takes the mystery out of manscaping by equipping therapists with both the practical skills and knowledge needed to get out there and perform male Brazilian waxing safely, efficiently and profitably”. Students also learn the specific technique required to use the brand’s Multiflex, a strip-less hot wax that can be removed in almost any direction.

WAX off

Choose a wax developed with men in mind for tailored, efficient services

Sienna X Peppermint Crème Hot Wax

This strip-less hot wax is billed as creamy textured and super-pliable at a low temperature, making it easier for therapists to perform treatments on thicker-haired men. It can also remove hair as short as 1mm, so would be suitable for facial hair that had previously been shaved. The wax is rosin-free and fragranced with a refreshing peppermint scent to appeal to both sexes. Its tea tree oil and echinacea-infused formula helps soothe skin post wax.

Trade price is £13.97 for 800g. Call Sienna X on 0800 131 3151

Outback Organics Gold Peelable Wax

Billed as a “third generation” wax, Gold Peelable uses polymer technology to “shrink wrap” hair for effective removal, while being gentle on skin. Its low melting point makes it suitable for male intimate waxes, and time-poor guys will appreciate the rapid drying time as the wax sets in less than 30 seconds. Elastomers are included in the formula to make it supple and pliable.

Trade price is £8.50 for 500g. Call Essential Beauty Supplies on 01823 66332

Lycon Manifico Hot Wax XXX

Formulated specifically for male intimate waxing, Lycon’s Manifico contains the brand’s titanium dioxide technology, which makes the wax particularly soft for gentle removal on delicate areas. Micro mica is included to strengthen the wax and make it suitable for tough hair, while Australian sandalwood has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Trade price is £18 for 1kg. Call Strip Distribution on 020 7590 9300

Adam & Eve Spank Strip Wax

Coloured black and scented with spicy aniseed, Spank Strip Wax was designed for men who might be put off by typically “feminine” waxes. It has additional mica for extra strength and a “superior” grip to make it easier to remove coarse male hair. Its strong, clean removal also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Trade price is £19.20 for 1.1l. Call Adam & Eve Distribution on 01462 790900

Australian Bodycare Tropical Gelee Wax

This vegan-friendly wax is a good choice for guys with sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain any colophony, the main allergen in most strip waxes. Colophony allows wax to stick firmly to the skin but is often responsible for the redness and irritation associated with waxing. This wax’s gel consistency clings strongly to hair but sits gently on the skin for a less traumatic removal.

Trade price is £4.99 for 425g. Call Australian Bodycare on 01892 750850

Waxu Express Warm Wax

Waxu’s non-sticky strip wax is designed to swell on contact with the skin and become firm quickly for fast removal. Although it sets firm on application, it remains flexible to prevent pulling and tugging on the skin upon removal. Ideal for intimate waxing, it has a low melting point to make it comfortable on sensitive areas, while it also moulds to the body’s contours, making tricky areas easier for therapists to wax thoroughly.

Trade price is £9.95 for 450g. Call Waxu on 0800 681 6066

Hive Xtra Strong Wax

Formulated to deliver excellent results on thick, coarse male hair, Hive’s Xtra Strong pliable warm wax is suitable for both facial and body hair and contains a higher level of glyceryl rosinate than some of Hive’s other waxes, for increased thickness. This thicker, stronger consistency grabs onto hairs tightly during rapid removal with strips.

Trade price is £7.95 for 425g. Call Hive of Beauty on 0845 450 4802

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