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Lift & shape

New treatments tackle skin and body concerns and we try bespoke Lava Shells massages and a new lash lift

Germaine de Capuccini Sculpt Zone

Germaine de Capuccini has developed an alternative to vacuum therapy, which is known as one of the most effective non-invasive treatments to decrease cellulite and localised fat.

Sculpt Zone’s dual action push-pull effect combines vacuum therapy and prossotherapy to directly restart the lipolysis process by liberating trapped fat, repositioning the tissue and exerting a powerful draining action.

With its powerful defibrosing action, Sculpt Zone helps to mobilise and eliminate fibrosis septae while activating blood circulation making it a great option for cellulite says the brand. This new machine has four programmes: Lipo Reducing, Localised Fat, Remodelling and Draining with a wide scope of movement to include to adapt to the preference of the client.

Germaine de Capuccini recommends charging between £60 and £120. 0845 600 0203 /

Tried and tested…

Lava Shells massage with Hayley Snishko

The lowdown: Lava Shells are self-heating massage tools that can be used to help therapists deliver deep, targeted massages, with the heat lasting for up to an hour. The shells can be made from hand-selected Tiger Clam shells or high-quality ceramic, and the heat is generated through a chemical reaction between the Thermabliss Mineral Sachet and water when the two are mixed in the shell.

The experience: Award-winning mobile therapist Hayley Snishko, owner of Home Sanctuary, visited the PB office in Wimbledon to carry out Lava Shells treatments with the team – in our boardroom!

Prior to the treatment, Snishko conducted a thorough assessment of our goals. She then carried out a detailed consultation, taking into account our preferences, expectations and any areas we wanted her to address.

She then used her intuition and expertise to prioritise areas that required more focused attention – for all three of us, this area of tension was in our upper back and neck. During the treatment, Snishko employed a variety of massage techniques, such as effleurage, petrissage, and specific deep tissue techniques. She says her goal is “to provide a balanced, flowing massage that addresses both the specific areas of concern and the client’s overall wellbeing”. Throughout the session, Snishko continually reassessed our response to the massage, adapting the pressure, technique and focus areas.

After the treatment, Snishko discussed our experience, answered questions and provided recommendations for self-care and follow-up treatments in order to enhance our understanding and involvement in our wellbeing.

The verdict: Eve – Hayley’s consultation was superthorough and included conversation about mental wellbeing as well as physical, which really helped to build trust. The treatment itself was deeply relaxing and my shoulders felt so much looser afterwards and I slept well that night.

Ellen – Hayley was dedicated to providing a treatment that benefitted us both physically and mentally. Her assessment and continual dialogue helped build trust and ensure the treatment was tailored to our needs. The Lava Shells really helped to target specific areas of concern and I definitely felt less strain in my upper back after the treatment.

Lollie – Hayley’s thorough consultation and ability to pinpoint areas of tension created a blissful treatment. I’d never experienced a heated massage; I loved the Lava Shells and feel like it took the massage to another level of relaxation.

Business benefits: Lava Shells are a great addition for both salon/spa-based therapists and mobile therapists. Their size and shape mean they’re easy to transport and clean, and the continuously self-heating element adds a flow to the treatment. The heat helps to relax and soothe the tissues and nervous system, enhancing the overall massage experience and promoting deeper relaxation.

Hayley Snishko charges £72 for a 60-minute Lava Shells treatment. 01295 235511 /

Thalgo I-Beauty Pro

Known for its marine skincare line, Thalgo has announced the launch of a next-generation version of its device I-Beauty Pro. The device is now capable of performing four non-invasive technologies to maximise the effectiveness of facial treatments – sound vibration, ultrasound, radiofrequency and the new “E-fingers” microcurrent technology.

This new feature combines manual massage technique with microcurrent to deliver three new benefits: lifting, redness reduction and dark circle correction, and is ideal for treating eye contours. The brand says I-Beauty Pro can be incorporated into all Thalgo’s facial treatments to boost beauty benefits and revenue opportunities, without taking more time.

Thalgo recommends charging between £35 and £65 per treatment. 020 7512 0872 /

Tried and tested…

Nouveau Lashes LVL CeraLash Lift at the Karen Betts Clinic Harley Street

The lowdown: The LVL Lash Lift from Nouveau Lashes promises to lift, volumise and lengthen lashes all in one treatment. It combines a lift and tint to enhance the natural lashes and promises no mascara, extensions or maintenance will be needed. I was lucky enough to try the next generation formula with the new LVL CeraLashLift System available exclusively for LVL artists.

The experience: This was the first time I had ever had a lash lift but the treatment is one of PB editor Eve’s favourites, so I had heard great things.

At the Karen Betts clinic, located at the top of 1 Harley Street, I was greeted by Nouveau Lash international trainer Debbie Law. She had such a warm and welcoming persona and was so knowledgeable about lashes and brows.

I am a really jumpy person and I’m a nightmare during eyesight tests so I was a worried I’d be a bit of a problem for Law, but she put me at ease by chatting away and I was soon relaxed and less flinchy. Plus, she was so deft of hand thanks to years of intricate work doing lashes that I need not have been concerned.

I was working on our lash trends feature at the time,and Law was able to answer all of my questions about what’s hot in lashes in 2023 and how the lash industry has developed over the past decades. Law herself was wearing a gorgeous set of extensions with hints of blue which made the colour of her eyes really pop – Law always likes to add a splash of colour to her clients’ lashes to make eye colour stand out, complement hair colour or to add depth.

There are five steps to the new LVL system. The first is the application of bonding gel, but with this new formula this product is no longer single-use, offering up to 20 treatments from one 10ml tube.

Step two is the application of lifting balm, which now contains more moisturising ingredients, using a shield to set the lashes. Step three has been simplified, combining the fix and tint steps, then step four is new and resets the pH level of the lashes and repairs the cuticle to avoid overprocessing. Finally, step five is an ultra-hydrating moisturising complex to condition and support the lash curl.

The verdict: The treatment took about 45 minutes – not long for an immediate transformation. I could not believe the results. As this was my first LVL experience, I asked Law for for the most dramatic lift possible. My lashes looked sky high and glossy, and they gave my eyes a peppy and wide-awake look even though I was really tired.

In the weeks following, they ever so slightly relaxed for a result I liked even more because it gave a more sultry effect.

I think what I love most about this treatment is the incredible healthy shine that it gave to my lashes, thanks to the use of a synthetic ceramide (fatty acid) in the new formula. I am very into the wet lash look trend and would have to say I think this is one of the best ways to achieve it.

By adding a hint of blue tint to my already dark lashes, this helped add depth and dimension to my new lashes, Law explained. Move over mascara – LVLs are the way to go for that minimal, no-make-up make-up look that everyone is coveting right now.

Business benefits: There are lots of benefits to the new CeraLashLift system. The product has fewer single-use steps, which is great for the environment and your pocket. Plus, treatments are quicker thanks to the combined steps, so you can see more clients.

Nouveau Lashes recommends charging from £45 upwards for a treatment. 01977 655620 /

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