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Powered by peptides

Introducing Hydropeptide’s range of professional skincare products powered by peptides

At Hydropeptide, the team believes that with a proven combination of powerhouse peptides and the science of epigenetics, Hydropeptide’s clinically clean products are able to influence skin health at the cellular level to promote youthful-acting skin.

The brains behind the brand

Not many brands can say they have a chief geneticist on board, but Dr Neal Kitchen leads the charge at Hydropeptide to truly understand how epigenetics can positively influence the skin’s expression patterns.

Dr Kitchen holds a PhD in molecular biology and has a research background in epigenetic regulation, cellular signalling responses, and ageing mechanisms at the molecular level. He uses the principles behind epigenetics to help create groundbreaking skincare formulas that impact cellular health.

Peptides and epigenetics

As proven skincare ingredients with a multitude of studies to back up their efficacy, peptides are one of the most effective tools in our youth-building arsenal. When combined with the applied science of epigenetics, things go up a notch.

With epigenetic science, the way genes express themselves can be influenced, turning on the genes that signal cells to act healthy and turning off the genes that don’t.

Maximum results from patented ingredients

In addition to Dr Kitchen, Hydropeptide has assembled a team of world-renowned doctors and scientists to shape the future of the brand’s product development. Through these partnerships, it has secured patented ingredients, including its own patented peptides and Nimni technology. This synergistic and proprietary formulation approach ensures each product will deliver clinical results.

Products designed for the treatment room

Hydropeptide offers over 40 unique treatments for the face and body, with an education team that has developed exclusive protocols that work with most skincare devices and bespoke protocols that integrate seamlessly into your aesthetic philosophy.

These luxurious treatments, in combination with recommended Hydropeptide home care products, will take your clients’ skin to the next level of health, vibrancy, and nourishment.

020 8868 4411 info.uk@hydropeptide.com hydropeptide.co.uk

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July 2023
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Powered by peptides
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