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This month’s launches include skincare actives to soothe and protect, plus brow and lash care essentials

1 Dermalogica

Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, unclogging pores and evening skin tone, Dermalogica’s new Liquid Peelfoliant is a daily exfoliating peel. Bridging the gap between weekly rinse-off and daily leave-on treatments with a maximum strength combination of exfoliants (15% AHA, BHA and PHA; 10% fruit enzymes; and 5% phytic and tranexamic acids) it offers immediate and lasting results.

Trade: £28.60 0800 917 7147

2 Noon Aesthetics

The new Restart Serum is a comprehensive antioxidant composition that protects skin from the effects of environmental stress factors while improving the skin’s condition. Meanwhile, for a hydrating and energising boost, Noon’s new Halo-Ronic Serum includes two types of hyaluronic acid and a combination of neem and turmeric extracts to leave skin hydrated and radiant.

Trade: £52.73 for Restart Serum; £40 for Halo-ronic serum 02920 231228

3 Australian Bodycare

Australian Bodycare’s newly formulated tea tree oil Anti-Itch Spray offers immediate relief from itching and other skin irritations such as stings and insect bites.

With a soothing and cooling effect, the spray is made with tea tree oil which helps to combat bacteria and prevent further skin damage.

Trade: £5.83 01892 750850

4 Lecenté

The Inner Artist Collection by Lecenté features eight bold colours inspired by “the creative in all of us”, perfect for the summer months. The shades, which can be used for both full coverage and creating artistic designs, are bright blue Expression, vibrant yellow Gallery, hot coral Frida, neon orange Muse, bright purple Mona, bright mint green Mural, hot pink Sketch and fiery red Pablo.

Trade: £11.99 each 01474 327770

5 Marina Miracle

Norwegian skincare brand Marina Miracle has launched in the UK, offering natural, organic, vegan, probiotic and cruelty-free skincare.

Products in the range include the Geranium Face Oil, which helps to balance the skin; the Shea Hydration Mask, which leaves skin plumped; and the Night Serum, which renews, rejuvenates and tones the skin overnight.

RRP: £5.50- £74 07849 893618

6 Salon System

The new addition to Salon System’s Naturalash range is the Mink Style Naturalash Individual Texture Lash, which creates a fan-like cluster of soft lashes.

The vegan-friendly lashes are available in both short and medium lengths and suited to clients who want lash extensions without the commitment and prefer to opt for an express salon treatment.

Trade: £4.75 020 8573 9907

7 The Detailist

The Detailist’s new Liquid Gold brow growth oil has been formulated using 100% natural, high-quality oil to help brow and lash hairs become healthier and shinier. Proven to remove eyebrow dandruff, improve sparseness and provide overall fuller results; the formula is lightweight and suitable for sensitive skin.

RRP: £22 07393 227134

8 Lemi

Amalfi has been designed to combine a massage bed with a pedicure station. The refined mattress has a removable section for quick access to the tub, which is fixed onto either a wood or metal base. The station is equipped with a pipeless hydromassage system for hygiene and easy cleaning. With seams that create a “shell” texture, the mattress also features head support made from a variety of foams to provide greater support.

Price: on request 39 0374 363069

9 Nimue

The new Purifying range aims to help clients with problematic skin conditions like breakouts, oiliness, pustules, and pimples. It consists of Purifier Day and Purifier Night, two lightweight and fast-absorbing creams; Purifying Mask, a cooling treatment mask in a clay and charcoal base; and Purifying Serum, enriched with dermabiotics, antioxidants and encapsulated retinol.

Trade: £29-£149.95 0333 000 7000

10 Zephorium

The new Illumination collection features obsidian and selenite crystals in six vibrational frequencies. The Aura Spray is designed to be used during treatments around the aura to enhance the customer experience and is also available in a smaller retail bottle for clients to use at home. The Body and Massage Oil, made up of pure grapeseed oil blended with obsidian and selenite crystals in six frequencies, can be used anywhere on the body.

Trade: £12–£15 01730 858150

11 Phytomer

Phytomer’s new Expert Youth plumping cream is made up of red coral, which revitalises the fibroblasts from within to stimulate collagen, brown algae, adenosine, shea butter and oligomer – abooster for revitalisation of cells.

This cleaner formula, which has 96% ingredients of natural origin, is phenoxyethanol-free, PEG free, acrylate-free and silicone-free.

Trade: £73.75 01892 750850

12 Skinician

Skinician’s new Vitamin C Elixir has been developed to boost, brighten, and increase skin luminosity, with its vitamininfused oil formulation. Treating areas of uneven skin tone while supporting and repairing the skin’s natural barrier, the oil is enriched with avocado, jojoba and almond oils.

RRP: £29 02890 449744

13 Dermanda

Dermanda Skincare’s products are formulated with ingredients driven by science, with an indulgent edge. Boto Lift Face Cream aims to replicate the effects of botulinum toxin to leave skin smoother.

Overnight Retinol Repair works to slow down the breakdown of collagen, and Stem C20 Serum contains stem cell technology to deliver moisture and reparative agents.

Trade: £225 for Botolift, £175 for Overnight Retinol Repair, £285 for Stem C20 serum 020 7637 8320

14 Monat

Monat has expanded its wellness range with two new supplements.

Monat ACV Gummies offer the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in an easy-to-swallow gummy. With 1,000mg of ACV, the supplement also has a combination of B vitamins to help support healthy skin, hair, metabolism, energy levels and immune function.

Monat Immune Support provides efficacious amounts of zinc and vitamins C and D, which is scientifically shown to support the body’s natural immune response.

RRP: £39 for ACV Gummies, £50 for Immune Support 0800 098 8297

15 B’Kate

Founded by international brow artist Marlies Gregorius, B’Kate offers a range of professional-quality brow products from the Netherlands, now available in the UK.

Featuring Brow Pencils, Brow Gels, Brow Oils and brushes, the range is designed for women by women and is vegan and cruelty-free.

RRP: £6.95- £14 020 7700 1200

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