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1 Lumenis Splendor X

Suitable for use on all Fitzpatrick skin types (I to VI), this CE-cleared system is designed to target virtually any area of the body. The square spot size provides fast and uniform coverage of the treatment area and deeper epidermal penetration, with no overlap and reduced risk of burns.

Price: on request 020 8736 4110

2 3D Trilogyice

This laser combines three wavelengths that transfer energy downward, reaching different depths of the follicle to create even follicular damage. The device also employs volumetric heating of the dermal tissue, altering the stem cell function of the hair and affecting regrowth, and can be used on most skin types and areas of the body.

Trade: £25,000 01788 550440

3 Venus Epileve

With a wavelength of 800nm, Venus Epileve is safe and efficacious for all skin types and offers two different modes of operation. Pulse mode delivers higher energy to the tissue at a lower repetition rate, while Slide mode delivers a high repetition rate of pulses, achieving high average power. The device’s real-time cooling system frequently monitors the skin’s temperature for increased patient safety and comfort.

Price: on request 020 8748 2221

4 Smart Diode

This certified, medical-grade and MHRAregistered device features adaptive triplewavelength technology, which is effective on all skin types. The high-frequency SHR technology delivers virtually pain-free treatments alongside the fast “slide and glide” delivery.

Trade: £25,500 01344 411 480

5 Cosmeditech Eneka Pro

This system is a platform device that can utilise a choice of different handpieces with different power levels, wavelengths and spot sizes to deliver customised treatment for all skin and hair types. Its 5000W power allows a large spot size for superfast treatment to maximise revenue per hour.

Trade: £25,000 to £39,000 0800 038 5580

6 Zemits Quidion

The Zemits Quidion laser combines triple-wavelength technology with intelligent software. The laser also enables both laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments and is guaranteed to have 20-50 million shots, which will be enough for three to seven years of intensive use.

Trade: £29,990.00 020 4532 5922


This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty