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Mental health awareness continues to be an important topic in the spa industry, especially as we head into the busy summer period. Making sure staff are healthy and avoiding burnout is a crucial part of managing a spa, with the most popular way of doing this being arranging regular catch-ups with team members (72%). Encouraging open dialogue about mental health and looking after the spa team is sure to have a positive impact on clients, too.

Two issues that can undoubtedly contribute towards stress for the spa team are late cancellations and missed appointments. There are numerous methods spa directors have come up with to discourage this behaviour. The most common are to make clients aware of cancellation policies (75%), taking deposits (62.5%) and sending email or text reminders about appointments (50%).

On the spot

How do you discourage late cancellations and missed appointments?

1. Make clients aware of cancellation policies (75%)

2. Take deposits (62.5%)

3. Send email or text reminders (50%)

4. Call to find out why they cancelled or didn’t attend (39%)

5. Block repeat offenders from booking (37%)

6. Only allow repeat offenders to book on the same day as their treatment (25%)

88% think brands need to do more to promote body positivity

What is the best way of looking after your team’s mental wellbeing?

1.Regular conversations and one-to-ones (72%)

2.Team bonding sessions to build trust (18%)

3.Encouraging them to take regular breaks (10%)

Month in numbers

60% average treatment room occupancy in June


This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty