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Ishga nut-free treatments

In response to demand from clients at its spa accounts, Ishga has introduced a range of nut-free professional products, formulated without almond and macadamia nut oil, to bring nut-free treatments to their spas.

For use with clients who indicate they have a nut allergy in their consultation, the nut-free Antioxidant Marine Cream can be used during facials in place of the original Antioxidant Marine Cream, and the nut-free Body Oil can be swapped into body treatments. Leon Trayling, co-founder of Ishga, says, “We saw an increase in demand for nut-free professional products from our current spa partners Removing these ingredients doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of the product but means any clients with concerns can enjoy their treatments with full peace of mind.”

Ishga recommends charging from £50 upwards for its nut-free face and body treatments 01851 703 278 /

Tried and tested…

Dibi Milano Shape Refine treatment

The lowdown: This body-shaping treatment targets stubborn subcutaneous fat through a combination of technology, products and professional expertise. The products used contain Dibi Milano’s Lipo-Sculpt complex of active ingredients that help cell communication and lipolysis of fat deposits, stimulate fat consumption and promote fat-burning for energy.

The experience: I visited Vie Aesthetics on Harley Street, for a treatment with Maria Naskos. During the initial consultation, she determined my upper legs would most benefit from the treatment, before carrying out an initial manual massage.

After preparing my thighs with a smoothing cleanser, Naskos applied the Time of Ritual Glycolic Mixture Gel to exfoliate before applying the active ingredients. The first stage involved the Shaping Mask – an occlusive mask that encourages lipolysis and improves fat-burning – which is left on for 30 minutes.

Naskos then infused the Shaping Activator Milk-Serum and Smoothing Shaping Cream into my skin using a Dermoregen machine, which the brand describes as “needleless mesotherapy”, and which increases serum absorption from 44% to 98%. The active ingredients in these products synthesise collagen and elastin while training the body to convert fat into energy, as well as using peptides and caffeine to hydrolyse triglycerides and boost lymphatic drainage.

The treatment finished with the Shaping Cream-Mousse, which transforms into a shaping and modelling cream when massaged into skin and reduces the formation of new fat deposits.

The verdict: I could feel this treatment having an internal effect immediately – my legs felt like they’d just had a workout! Naskos said the visible changes would be noticeable around two days after treatment, and she was right; my thighs definitely looked more toned a few days later. With a recommended course of two treatments per week for four weeks, the Shape Refine treatment would help to create a remodelled silhouette.

Business benefits: This treatment bridges the gap between technology and skincare by incorporating an array of active products alongside manual massage and needleless mesotherapy. The Shaping Cream-Mousse is also indicated as a take-home treatment, providing an opportunity for therapists to upsell to clients.

Tried by Ellen Cummings

Dibi Milano recommends charging £70-£120 per treatment. +353 045 856 490 /


This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty