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5 steps TO finding (& keeping) YOUR DREAM CLIENTS

1. Set out your ideals

Ask yourself who your business is aimed at. “You can’t cater for everyone, so it’s important to narrow down your ideals,” says Katie Godfrey, director at KG Salons. “For example, if you’re working around children, your ideal clients could also be parents who are looking for services within similar hours.”

2. Look at the data

Delve into your current client list and identify the people who are ticking all your boxes. At a click of a button, Timely can provide a list of your top spenders and the types of products or services they invest in. Use these insights to build on your existing business and phase out services and products that offer lower value. Don’t be tempted to skip these steps, as Godfrey warns: “If you don’t know your ideal client, your marketing messages can get very messy and could impact the strength of your business.”

3. Dial up the VIP treatment

Once you’ve pinpointed your high-value clients, make sure you roll out the red carpet for them. Use Timely’s Consult App to ask them ahead of time what they’re expecting from their appointment. Just before they arrive, refer to their client profile, which can include a photo, preferred pronouns and notes from their previous visit, so you can pick up where you left off.

Why not invite loyal clients to join your rewards programme too, another added extra from Timely that can boost retention and encourages clients to refer their friends.

4. Keep in touch

There might be an art to finding the ideal client, but it’s a job to keep them. Fortunately, you can integrate Mailchimp within your Timely system, which allows you to send automated or ad-hoc emails to clients. Use email marketing to keep your high-value clients up to date with the latest products, services, and promotions.

5. Part ways with not-so-ideal clients

It’s rare, but if there is a client who is proving more hassle than they’re worth, it might be time to politely cut ties.

Have a conversation with them, ideally in person, and explain your decision. Try suggesting that “another salon might better fulfil your needs”.

Feeling awkward about an IRL break-up, or worried that a client might react less than desirably? In Timely, you can now block problem clients from booking with you online. You even have the option to add a custom message that the blocked client will see when they try to book with you.

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty