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THE CLINIC by Dr Maryam Zamani

Opened in September 2021, The Clinic by Dr Maryam Zamani serves as a home to her team of 20 staff working on her skincare line, MZ Skin, as well as treatment spaces for her team of specialists – advanced aesthetician Ellie May Wright, consultant dermatologist Dr Amelie Seghers and registered nurse, aesthetic injector and prescriber Teresa Rocha – and a dedicated social media space for creating educational content.

The clinic combines femininity with functionality, with Dr Zamani working closely with interior designer Arianne Farsian (ByArianne) to find the balance between creating a beautiful space and adhering to industry standards.

Private practice


One of the key aspects Dr Zamani wanted to achieve was a sense of privacy for clients as soon as they enter The Clinic.

“The windows are all frosted so that we could keep the natural light and still have the sense of privacy,” says Dr Zamani.

“Where it (The Clinic) is on a side street, you still get a sense of privacy despite being just off the King’s Road. I purposely made the reception area separate from the waiting room so when people check in for their appointment or are paying, they’re not around other clients and have some privacy.”

Dual focus

The Clinic is not only a treatment space, but also an office location for Dr Zamani’s skincare line.

Explaining the split across the two floors, Dr Zamani shares, “The second floor is my MZ Skin offices, as well as the Instagram room.

“The clinic space is a bit difficult because of CQC (Care Quality Commission) guidelines. Upstairs in the office, we have more fluffy and woollen materials because we don’t have to follow the guidelines there.”

Cohesive colours

When it came to a colour scheme, Dr Zamani took inspiration from the MZ Skin line, drawing on its pink and maroon colourway.

“I really wanted to create a feminine space, and keep the range of pinks, maroons and purples, which flow between the floors.

“I used durable, darker fabrics because I made the mistake in my previous office of having lighter soft furnishings, which showed marks quite easily. When you have 20 to 30 people sitting on the furniture every day, it needs to be practical too.

Social spaces

Due to the amount of social media content Dr Zamani produces for MZ Skin, a purposebuilt social media studio was added, giving a dedicated space for content production – something vital to running a beauty business in the 21st century.

“Lighting and soundproofing are key in a studio. There were restrictions in terms of what I could do as I’m in a listed building, so the soundproofing could definitely be better but it’s a work in progress,” she says.

Art aspect

Due to the industry standards that had to be met when it came to flooring, fabric and furnishing choices, the addition of artwork allowed Dr Zamani to add a more playful touch to the design of her aesthetic clinic.

She explains, “I really wanted to have some fun artwork – one piece in my waiting room says ‘Forever Young’ because I think a lot of my clients want to look the best version of themselves, and another says ‘Love Me’, which is the most important thing – if you want to feel beautiful you have to love yourself.”


This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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