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The power of DERMSHIELD

DermShield selectively suppresses tingling, burning, and itching

The innovative DermShield technology enables Noon Aesthetics to develop a paraceutical skincare product line that contains active ingredients with unprecedented high concentration levels without the usual side effects, such as irritation, burning, redness and unpleasant sensation. To understand how DermShield works, we need to first understand the process from a scientific perspective.

Alpha hydroxy acids (and other acids, such as azelaic) have been used for decades in the field of cosmetics for skincare. They have been applied in treatments meant for both young and old, for a variety of different skin conditions, in home use, and for peeling when used in high concentration.

There are a number of rules when it comes to these treatments. The higher the concentration and the lower the pH, the stronger the peeling effect will be.

In the case of cosmetics, there is a receptor within the skin called a type C nociceptor. One of the purposes of this nociceptor is to detect the skin’s pH level. These receptors are similar to the nerves that detect pain. However, there is a slightly larger chain of effect involved here.

Within the skin, there are blood vessels, nerves and mast cells. Mast cells release histamine, which causes a rash or irritation. In the case of chemical peeling, the signal goes through the type C nociceptor, the mast cells, and finally to the spine and brain. When the signal passes through the blood vessels, it causes them to expand, creating redness. These vessels are extremely thin, and once they expand, the plasma within starts to penetrate into the tissue.

The more sensitive the skin and the higher the concentration, the more these vessels will expand, and therefore secrete larger amounts of plasma, causing an edema to be formed. This, in turn, excites the mast cells, causing them to release histamine. This chain of effects is called a neurogenic inflammation.

When it comes to injections, to reduce the pain involved, many numbing materials have been developed, from ointments and injections to pills. Despite these attempts at a solution, a product that prevents irritation, inflammation, redness and other side effects hasn’t been available for use with cosmetics until now.

How DermShiled works

The DermShield technology selectively suppresses tingling, burning, and itching, has no sense of local anesthesia in the treated area, suppresses erythema and edema of the skin, prevents neurogenic inflammation, and suppresses the formation of cytokines responsible for the initiation of inflammation.

Using the DermShield technology within skincare products; it numbs the type C nociceptors and nerves to prevent any irritation, yet still delivers on the positive effects of a treatment with 15% concentration and a pH of 3.5 at daily use.

This makes Noon’s DermShield the only line of cosmetics that can be used daily with these high concentrations without the appearance of unwanted side effects.

By using DermShield, you can provide clients with powerful peels and other treatments without them experiencing redness, irritation, or other nasty side effects: an experience that will guarantee returning customers, make sessions more pleasant, and remove stress for all involved.

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty