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Kloris Tension Dissolve Massage

The lowdown: Premium CBD specialist Kloris has launched a personalised top-to-toe massage, Tension Dissolve, using its oils and balms, which claims to ease muscle ache and calm the nervous system. Kloris has teamed up with Alex Eagle’s Sporting Club at 180 The Strand Health Club in London for the official launch..

The experience: After a consultation to discuss how I was feeling both mentally and physically that day, therapist Loretta Haywood began the treatment using sweeping, pinching, and kneading massage movements to help push Kloris’s CBD-infused products deeper into the skin, while calming the nervous system and releasing stubborn knots.

CBD is documented as stimulating the endocannabinoid system within our bodies, a complex network involved in regulating bodily processes. The ingredient is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant – great when treating inflamed or tense muscles.

Although the treatment included a lot of movements along key areas of tension such as my back and legs, after every section was completed Haywood then worked on my feet, as the reflex areas of central organs such as the spinal column and stomach are both found here, helping the body repair itself. The feeling was never painful – more of a slight jolt as the pressure that had been built up in that area was released.

The verdict: My body felt brand new, with all aches gone. The longer-term after-effect is what stood out though, with the CBD helping to keep me in a calm and rested state.

Business benefits: CBD is here to stay, and clients are now seeking out providers that offer this alternative therapy, so it’s worth adding it your menu. The treatment is also ideal for fitness lovers, helping them to recover quickly after training.

Kloris recommends charging £160 for the 60-minute treatment. 020 8050 2862/

Tried and tested…

Zelens Signature 4D Contouring & Sculpting Facial

The lowdown: The cosmeceutical brand has launched its long-awaited professional spa treatments, which combine Zelens clinic-strength formulas with ultrasound and radiofrequency. There are five services – Itried the hero treatment, Signature 4D Contouring & Sculpting Facial, which lifts and firms the face contours.

The experience: I had my facial with therapist Nicole Adjei-Boamah at Chuan Body+Soul Spa at The Langham Hotel in London, the first spa to launch the treatments. She told me it’s a sensory offering that also delivers serious results, using the brand’s 3D URF machine, which combines ultrasound and multi-polar radiofrequency to promote skin renewal and repair.

After a double cleanse, Adjei-Boamah began the ultrasound, using the technology twice with different serums. It works to detox and push the brand’s formulas deeper into the skin. The mechanical and thermal stimulation also promotes lymphatic drainage, cell renewal and repair.

Next came radiofrequency, with the temperature set at 15ºC – although this can be lowered to 5ºC if the client has skin sensitivity or risen to 20ºC if their skin tolerates the technology well. It stimulates collagen and tightens.

This was followed by facial massage, with pinching and sweeping movements in quick succession along my jawline, cheeks and forehead, before application of a Zelens serum and cream suitable for my skin type.

The verdict: This treatment was like a gym workout. My facial contours looked lifted, while my skin had that glow that just makes you love walking around make-up free.

Business benefits: This treatment is ideal for clients who want more definition to their face but don’t want to go down the invasive route. Results can be seen after just one treatment, and the retail range allows for easy upselling.

Chuan Body+Soul Spa charges £235 for the 90-minute treatment


This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty