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THE CLINIC at Holland Park

Launched by AllBright co-founder Debbie Wosskow OBE and her husband, consultant oculoplastic surgeon Richard Scawn, in November 2021, The Clinic at Holland Park soon became one of London’s most Instagrammed beauty destinations, thanks to the input of interior design company Happy Place.

For the duo behind the stunning design, Julia Ryan and Madelyn Dransfield, the location was their first venture into beauty, with the results showing that the step out of their comfort zone was well worth the risk.

Clear vision

When decorating or refurbishing your beauty business, it’s important to have a clear image of what you want to achieve, whether that be the style, colour scheme, or even just the vibe.

“With The Clinic, it was nice to work with a client who had a clear vision and brief,” says Dransfield. “If you set out to decorate or furnish with no idea of what your end goal looks like, it becomes overwhelming and will take a lot longer to reach the desired effect.”

Strike a balance

With a variety of areas including treatment rooms, a retail section, and even an operating theatre, finding a style that was balanced across all sides of the business was a challenge.

“It was interesting to try and balance the public spaces – reception and waiting area – with the more clinical spaces,” says Dransfield. “It was so important to create a luxurious, warm and inviting vibe that didn’t look too much like a clinic to balance out the clinical feel of the operating theatre, which has to fit medical standards.”

Calming colours

Salons and spas are a place where clients feel they can come to relax so it’s important to use a colour palette that reflects that sense of calm.

“Debbie [Wosskow] wanted us to create a space that was feminine and luxurious, but not overly girly.” says Dransfield. “We didn’t want to go too dark, instead choosing a light and airy feel with the pink-toned timber and the introduction of glossy walls.”

“The colour palette came from the branding and also what Debbie and Richard gravitated towards.” says Ryan. “We went for neutrals and different depths of pinks and added a contemporary feel with the more industrial black in the retail area, and the use of brass.”

Meeting standards

Due to the clinical element, the pair had to ensure industry standards when it came to fabric and flooring choices. “We used a herringbone timber floor throughout, but the clinic rooms have to use medical-standard flooring, which became a natural divide,” says Ryan. “The fabrics used had to meet standards too, so in a lot of spaces we used the furniture items as a base colour, adding to the colour palette with whatever worked with the practical fabrics.”

Dransfield adds: “We went for practical materials like an aqua green fabric for the sofa, which is a cleanable hospitality fabric, but almost looks and feels like velvet.”

Finishing touches

Often a space doesn’t truly feel finished until the final touches are added, which were key to adding a sense of cosiness at The Clinic.

“You can have a bit more fun with cushions and side tables – with these we didn’t want it to look matchy-matchy throughout,” says Ryan.

“We found pieces that talk to us and the client. Once you’ve locked in a few and have a sense of what they like, it becomes a lot easier to spot what will work to create a cohesive look.”


This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty