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Sourcing new SKINCARE?

Looking for your next skincare partner with a difference? Harness the power and precision of Japanese artistry with Forlle’d.

Employing fully patented technology based on Nobel Prize-winning findings, Forlle’d adopts market-leading methods of fermentation and ionization that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Traditionally, this had been the realm of injectables. Not anymore. Intrigued? We thought you might be…

Backed by robust clinical studies and efficiency tests that are celebrated at the IMCAS, AAMC, and the World Dermatology Congress, Forlle’d delivers quality-driven skincare supporting the building blocks of skin health, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Combining 13 types of biomimetic peptide, fermented ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed marine collagen, and ionized platinum and other minerals, degenerative photoageing of the skin is prevented both in clinic and at home.

So, why Forlle’d?

The Forlle’d Professional range enables elite practitioners to combine world-class formulations with Japanese massage techniques, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation for a dramatically more youthful appearance.

The low-molecular-weight ingredients and self-delivery system means high concentrations of active ingredients are unnecessary, helping to reduce potential irritations, sensitivity, and client downtime between treatments.

The professional treatments are made entirely bespoke for each of your clients’ needs, allowing practitioners to address multiple skin concerns in any combination. Forlle’d innovation can be used in combination with your clinic’s existing medical devices, injectables, chemical peels, and both pre-and post-surgery treatments.

The bottom line

Created in Japan in pharma-grade facilities and measured against some of the world’s most stringent quality and safety testing, Forlle’d formulations represent the true future of skincare.

Forlle’d is committed to sustainable practices including ethical ingredient sourcing and fully recyclable packaging, and is free from synthetic fragrance and cruelty free.

Forlle’d Hyalogy UK is Forlle’d Japan’s exclusive distributor in the UK. For professional accounts contact: Instagram: @forlled_uk


This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty