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After the recent turbulence caused by Brexit and the pandemic, the movement towards supporting homegrown brands has grown.

While many salons and spas are turning to British-born brands for the support and stable supply chain they can offer, their clients are increasingly looking to support local businesses.

For UK-based salons and spas, choosing to use British brands can provide several benefits, ranging from subsidising your environmental impact to saving money on import fees.

“By choosing to support a UK business, you are helping to boost the economy and local employment while reducing your carbon footprint,” says Caitlein Hannigan, brand manager at Professional Beauty Systems, which manufactures brands including Crazy Angel, Apraise and Kaeso. “Opting for British-manufactured brands not only gives salons peace of mind that their products are cruelty-free, but also that they comply with the UK’s strict and rigorous industry standards.”

Selecting a British-made brand also helps to ensure consistency with product supply.

“Brands manufactured in Britain benefit from being freely available without the need for importing from other countries,” says Matt Taylor, brand and education manager for aromatherapy skincare brand Eve Taylor London. “You also don’t have to worry about the addition of import duties or price fluctuations at no notice due to unstable exchange rates in the worldwide currency market, which can inflate baseline costs.”

Buying British also ensures supply chain issues and other import problems are minimised, with Trevor Lingard, commercial director of salon furniture brand REM, adding, “With commodity price increases and unprecedented freight costs, the price of imported goods has gone through the roof. On the flipside, British brands have managed to negate many of these price increases by sourcing locally and keeping costs to a minimum, resulting in a fairer price for salons.”

Export opportunity

Despite the challenges of Brexit, British brands also remain popular overseas with strong export opportunities. “Going forward, we expect the pricing of British manufacturing to be less volatile than that of the rest of the world,” says Lingard. “British brands are, and always will be, recognised as supplying quality products into the industry, all complying to strict British Standards.”

Taylor agrees, adding: “With Britain having trade deals with many countries, buying British is a stable option for non-UK salons around the world.” If you’re considering changing some of your products or suppliers and opting for a UK-based company, here are some of the best established and up-and-coming professional brands to help you discover the best of British beauty….

3D Aesthetics

Launched: 2010

HQ: Rugby Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: 3D Vjuve

Recent initiatives: 3D Aesthetics specialises in non-surgical treatment devices. Since the start of the pandemic, the brand has switched to online training. This has resulted in cost saving, which means further discounts for its salon and clinic customers, and the trainers being more focused on individual trainees for highquality education. 01788 550440

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Launched: 2006

HQ: London Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Skin Moisture IQ.

Recent initiatives: Setting out to promote healthy skin from the inside-out, Advanced Nutrition Programme’s science-led, results-driven, high-quality range of supplements are designed to boost skincare and wellbeing regimes where topical formulas cannot, with full traceability on the origins of all its ingredients. 020 8450 2020 (IIAA)


Launched: 2014

HQ: Ichinnan, Scotland

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Dark Brown Tint

Recent initiatives: Apraise currently sells in more than 40 countries worldwide and is constantly adapting under new and emerging regulations to ensure the brand can continue to support its worldwide customer base, so the team took both the pandemic and Brexit in their stride, with little disruption for clients. 0141 812 5000

Aqua Natural

Launched: 1989

HQ: Wellingborough

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Strip sugar wax

Recent initiatives: Aqua Natural specialises in sugar waxing products for professional use, with 100% chemical-free and vegan products. The cruelty-free brand offers a modern take on traditional Eastern recipes in its range of strip sugaring products, soothing mist, and pure fine talc. 01933 441818

Aromatherapy Associates

Launched: 1985

HQ: Brentford, Middlesex

Manufactured in the UK?: Yes

Best-seller: Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

Recent initiatives: Aromatherapy Associates was founded on the belief that a quality aromatherapy experience holds the key to better overall wellbeing. With wellness seeing a huge shift during the pandemic, Aromatherapy Associates’ essential oil blends trigger both physical and hormonal responses to add a holistic effect to treatments. 020 8569 7030

Ashmira Botanica

Launched: 2017

HQ: Wellington, Somerset

Manufactured in the UK? Skincare, yes. Waxing products, no

Hero product: Holistic skincare range/Seagrass Peelable wax

Recent initiatives: Waxing and skincare brand Ashmira Botanica takes inspiration from Chinese medicine and the five-element philosophy in both its products and treatments. As a result of Brexit and the pandemic, the brand has launched a skincare range alongside its waxing products, which is manufactured in the UK. 01823 428588


Launched: 2020

HQ: Manchester

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Brow Bae Styling Kit

Recent initiatives: Launched in March 2020, BBare had to quickly adapt to business during a pandemic, creating homecare kits for consumers unable to visit salons. The brand offers both online and academy training options to help professionals start and scale a brow business.

0800 043 3349

Buddha Beauty

Launched: 2011

HQ: Salford Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Face serums range

Recent initiatives: Buddha Beauty is a vegan and crueltyfree skincare brand, selling everything from clay masks, to hand and foot cream, eye care and lip balms. The company recently launched a collection of face serums which quickly became best-sellers. 07704 778880


Launched: 1992

HQ: Elstree Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: CACI Synergy+ Recent initiatives: CACI develops machines that give instant, visible skin results. During the pandemic, CACI introduced the Business Kickstart Scheme, which supplied salons with a CACI system with nothing to pay for six months, allowing therm to generate revenue and demand before parting with money. They also allowed salons to rent a CACI system for six months before committing to purchase. 020 8731 5678

Crazy Angel

Launched: 2010

HQ: Ichinnan, Scotland Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Dark Tanning Solution

Recent initiatives: Crazy Angel has recently moved online to be more accessible to customers. The brand also updated its training course to educate on the best practices on cleaning and sanitation during spray tanning sessions to keep both the salons and their clients protected. 0141 812 5000

Crystal Clear

Launched: 1995

HQ: Liverpool

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Comcit

Recent initiatives: Skincare brand Crystal Clear is best known for microdermabrasion, but also offers a vast range of other skincare solutions. The brand took its business online during the pandemic, offering virtual classes, training and updates, giving salons the opportunity to offer clients virtual skincare prescriptions. 0151 709 7227


Launched: 2012

HQ: Warrington Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Flex MD

Recent initiatives: With almost a decade under its belt, Dermalux creates devices for LED treatments, with the Flex MD soaring in popularity. It was created for both home and salon use, so was popular during the various lockdowns as salons can loan their Flex MD to clients for them to use at home. 0845 689 1789


Founded: 1990

HQ: London Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Best-seller: Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Recent initiatives: Spa and skincare brand Elemis has undergone a rebrand to emphasise its British roots with a fresh pale blue colourway and graphics incorporating iconic London symbols such as the traditional phone box. 020 7907 2700

Eve Taylor

Launched: 1963

HQ: Peterborough Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Soothing Aromatic Serum

Recent initiatives: Eve Taylor is just one year off celebrating its 60th anniversary. The brand draws on almost six decades of formulating experience to create natural, affordable and effective products. Recently, the company adapted its business model to create an array of online learning resources and new ways to engage with customers to help them boost business and increase revenue. 01733 260161

Eyelash Emporium

Launched: 2000

HQ: Tamworth

Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Master Artist Adhesive

Recent initiatives: For lash technicians, Eyelash Emporium is a must-know name in the industry. The brand created training kits for techs to continue their education during the pandemic, launching an education hub offering top tips and information to those in need. 01753 650656

Fashionizer Spa

Launched: 2009 HQ: London

Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Opiea Tunic

Recent initiatives: With years of experience in the spa industry, Fashionizer Spa creates workwear that is not only comfortable, but long-lasting and fit for purpose too. The wares come in a variety of colours to suit any salon decor, allowing professionals to mix and match pieces or go for a coordinated look.

020 8995 0088


Launched: 2017

HQ: Stoke-on-Trent

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Glass Slipper Core Powder

Recent initiatives: Glitterbels sells nail essentials, from acrylic powders and gels to e-files and nail tips. During 2020 and 2021 the company encouraged its salons to upskill while closed, with online training courses and the regular sharing of tips, staying interactive to try and keep spirits high.

01782 901012

Happy Paul

Launched: 2021

HQ: London Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Bright Spice 100% Roll-On Perfume Oil

Recent initiatives: The hero product from Happy Paul is a mood-lifting scent. The company will be launching four new lines for the scent in spring, including a body wash, face scrub, cleanser and a moisturiser, all created to add a boost of positivity to the user’s day.

0345 217 1360

Harley Waxing

Launched: 2005

HQ: Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Harley Summer Fruits Film Wax

Recent initiatives: During lockdown, Harley Waxing took the time to introduce its product to salon owners to test, which proved to be a wise long-term investment, with many new salons joining the Harley Wax family.

01984 623209

HD Brows

Launched: 2008

HQ: West Yorkshire Manufactured in the UK? Not

all Hero product: Brow Dye

Recent initiatives: HD Brows’ bespoke eye treatment took the world by storm when it launched 14 years ago, offering training that’s accessible to all, before diversifying into a broad product range so customers could maintain their brows at home. HD Brows has revamped its training courses to include more online modules and created extra free marketing assets to help professional customers grow their businesses

. 0113 224 7908

Heaven Skincare

Launched: 1995

HQ: Shropshire

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Gold Bee Venom Mask

Recent initiatives: Deborah Mitchell’s organic skincare collection is natural and results driven, created to deliver a healthy, radiant complexion. While salon doors were shut during lockdown, Mitchell and her team worked around the clock to create a new skincare range and ensure that their record number of orders were fulfilled and stock levels maintained.

01952 462505

Hive of Beauty

Launched: 1993

HQ: Renfrew, Scotland

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: 24k Wax Collection

Recent initiatives: Hive of Beauty caused a buzz in the industry with the launch of The Beehive, a wax heater accompanied by honey waxes. In reaction to Brexit, the brand has updated all of the Hive products to contain necessary regulatory information to allow them to be sold outside of the UK. It has also grown the business’s admin wing to support the export customer base.

0845 450 4802


Launched: 1991

HQ: Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Hydrotherm Heatpad

Recent initiatives: Hydrotherm’s massage system was designed to protect therapists’ wrists and backs during treatment, as well as to create a relaxing massage treatment for clients. The brand recently expanded its product offering, with new cushions, online training courses, couch covers that can be used with antibacterial spray, and oil-resistant training manuals.

01296 714254


Launched: 2013

HQ: Stornoway, Scotland

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Antioxidant Marine Cream

Recent initiatives: Created in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, seaweed spa brand Ishga supported the local community during Covid-19 by creating hand sanitiser and distributing it to local hospitals and businesses. Ishga also recently launched a spa in Papua New Guinea, with all training delivered virtually. 01851 703278

Jane Scrivner

Launched: 2013

HQ: Stratford-Upon-Avon

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Nourishing Cleanser 

Recent initiatives: Natural and organic skincare brand

Jane Scrivner adapted well to business in a post-Brexit world, with a European hub created to accommodate overseas orders. 90% off manufacturing takes place in house to shorten production time. 01789 801 040


Launched: 2012

HQ: Ichinnan, Scotland Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Calming Facial Kit

Recent initiatives: Salon support is always at the forefront of the Kaeso ethos, so the brand worked to constantly adapt and support salons throughout the pandemic, from reopening promotions to help salons get back on their feet, to in-salon and digital assets to help accounts promote their business in person and online.

0141 812 5000

Katie Barnes Tool Range & Education

Launched: 2017

HQ: Warwick

Manufactured in the UK? Partly

Hero product: KB Glow

Recent initiatives: Katie Barnes Tool Range launched its hero product, KB Glow, to help facilitate overhead filming for content creation as part of its product development during the pandemic. The brand also now offers remote learning opportunities in addition to its in-person sessions.

01926 354674

Katherine Daniels

Launched: 2013 HQ: Bedfordshire

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Total Skin Repair Concentrate

Recent initiatives: British skincare brand Katherine Daniels used the pandemic to move onto an online training platform, with a hybrid of online and face-to-face training on offer.

Making use of technology for meetings allows the brand to monitor online costs and, as such, keep their prices lower.

01767 682 288

Lash Perfect

Launched: 2006

HQ: Loughton, Essex Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Lash Revive Intense Growth Serum

Recent initiatives: Lash Perfect launched remote online training as an alternative to in-person training programmes, which continue to prove popular with its clients. The brand has since brought back face-to-face education but continues to offer all pre-course learning online for ease of access.

020 8500 9028


Launched: 2018

HQ: Leeds Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Lash & Brow Elixir 

Recent initiatives: Lashus navigated the pandemic smoothly, having already made changes to the business to accommodate Brexit, which included the supply chain being reviewed to ensure maximum speed and minimum disruption for clients. 0333 000 7000 (Sweet Squared)


Launched: 2011

HQ: Gravesend Manufactured in the UK? Partly

Hero product: Lecenté Create Gel Polish System

Recent initiatives: The past couple of years saw a big change to the Lecenté way of working. All office staff are now home-based, with flexible working hours. Lecenté invested in tech to make the switch to remote working smoother for team members and have also focused on manufacturing more in the UK.

0844 800 3314

Lynton Lasers

Launched: 1994

HQ: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Lynton Lumina

Recent initiatives: This British-manufactured brand prides itself on its award-winning post-purchase support and training network. In the past two years, Lynton has put more emphasis on digital communications, with educational webinars, consistent social media updates and digital training options commonplace for clients.

01477 536977


Launched: 2011

HQ: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Celestial Skin Shimmer Blusher and Highlighter

Recent initiatives: Make-up and nail brand Mii developed a virtual training platform so therapists could refresh their knowledge from home. The online training was so popular it is still on offer, blended with in-person learning. The sales team also now offers a hybrid of virtual and in-person visits

0345 217 1360

Million Dollar Facial

Launched: 2018

HQ: Liverpool

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Glycowash Recent initiatives: Skin treatment brand Million Dollar Facial has worked hard to support clients in recent years, offering no minimum buy-in for customers for retail products, and extending its education online via webinars and video support.

0151 449 3555


Launched: 1986

HQ: Cheltenham Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Brightening Boost

Recent initiatives: Skincare brand Monuskin is built around pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils. During the coronavirus pandemic, Monuskin began offering training calls via Zoom, which it transpired clients preferred, so this continues now.

01242 538334

Naf! Pro

Launched: 2017

HQ: Glasgow Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Scented Nail and Cuticle Oil

Recent initiatives: When beauty salons closed, it reaffirmed to Naf! how important retail is to salon businesses. The brand now pays particular attention to this area of business, nurturing retail relationships.

0141 378 8354

Navy Professional

Launched: 2018

HQ: Doncaster Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Katey Cuticle Nippers

Recent initiatives: When demand shot up in the pandemic, Yorkshire-based beauty tools brand Navy Professional met its clients’ needs, increasing both its team numbers and its product offerings to meet demand.

0114 303 5141

Nouveau Lashes

Launched: 2005

HQ: West Yorkshire Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: LVL lash lift

Recent initiatives: As a result of extended production lead times due to raw material shortages, while transit times increased due to a lack of drivers, the brand streamlined and improved stock control processes to minimise impact on the customer.

01977 655620

Plasma Elite

Launched: 2017

HQ: Caterham, Surrey

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: The Plasma Pen

Recent initiatives: The Plasma Elite team pivoted to be home-based during the pandemic, focusing on online training for theory courses. Customers can now also attend livestream training if they’re not comfortable attending in-person training.

01883 415845


Founded: 1920

HQ: Lancashire Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Centenary Pedispa

Recent initiatives: Brexit forced heritage beauty brand REM to re-source its components from local areas, meaning products and systems needed to be re-engineered. This resulted in better manufacturing methods, which benefitted customers.

01282 619977


Launched: 1990

HQ: Needham Market, Suffolk

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Hydra-Collagen Moisturising Gel

Recent initiatives: The pandemic saw Suffolk skincare brand SBC create its own hand sanitiser, making it available to the public within weeks. In the following months, the company has worked hard to combat the effects of the pandemic on mental health by formulating products to support mental wellbeing.

01449 727070

Shared Beauty Secrets

Launched: 2008

HQ: Banbury, Oxfordshire

Manufactured in the UK? Partly

Hero product: Lava Shells

Recent initiatives: 2020 saw the brand launch its Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Masks, to help the nation sleep and relax during trying times. The company also developed the Sensory Retreats Affiliates scheme to give therapists and customers the chance to earn commission when selling so they could make money during salon closure periods.

01295 235511

Sienna X

Launched: 2004

HQ: Worcester, Worcestershire

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Spray Tanning Solutions

Recent initiatives: Sienna X updated its product range to cater to consumers, while it also created a cashback scheme for therapists unable to work during lockdowns.

0333 600 1200


Launched: 2015

HQ: Reading, Berkshire

Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Biocare-one

Recent initiatives: Beauty and aesthetic technology brand Skyncare recently boosted its online presence by running more virtual demonstrations. Offering laser, IPL and body-sculpting treatments, the brand offers training and ongoing support as part of its package.

01730 239579

The Smart Group

Launched: 2009

HQ: Bracknell, Berkshire

Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Smart Meso

Recent initiatives: To meet the changing needs of clients, aesthetic devices manufacturer The Smart Group began offering virtual demos of its equipment, as well as in-salon training and digital-based training, so all bases are covered. 

01344 411 480

Smooth Synergy

Launched: 2019 HQ: Sunderland

Manufactured in the UK? No

Hero product: Sonic Facial

Cleansing Brush Recent initiatives: Face tools have been in high demand in recent years and Smooth Synergy has focused on driving online sales through its website, while being consistent with its social media. 0191 250 9229

Songbird Naturals

Launched: 2001

HQ: Somerset Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Sports Massage Wax

Recent initiatives: Songbird Naturals was proud to retain all members of staff during the upheaval of recent years, as well as launching three new products and focusing on distribution in Europe. 01749 860 387

Tantruth / Skintruth

Launched: 2001/2010

HQ: Ichninan, Scotland Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Hero product: Clear Self-Tan Mousse/ Vitamin C Booster Serum

Recent initiatives: With consumers looking to recreate beauty treatments from home during lockdown, Skintruth and sister brand Tantruth became firm favourites, offering products that are easy to use and give results. Tantruth uses regenerative skincare ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter.

0330 123 1907 /


Launched: 2016

Hero product: Tribe517

HQ: Cardiff, Wales

Manufactured in the UK? Yes

Recent initiatives: Tribe517 focuses its experiences on mindfulness and gratitude. Its three pillars are wellness of planet, therapist and guest, in that order. New ranges include Liberty, offering a blend mixing euphoria and grounding elements.

07702 370448

Temple Spa

Launched: 2000

HQ: Littlehampton, West Sussex

Manufactured in the UK? Partly, some in Italy and Switzerland

Hero product: In The Beginning Cleansing Balm

Recent initiatives: Temple Spa now offers a selection of its training online, including refresher training, brand overview and product training. While the brand loves to meet its spa partners, it also offers online meetings and support.

  01903 719429


This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty