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“What is manscaping?” among biggest male grooming questions from 2021

Nicky Pearce, owner of Natural Arts Clinic & Academy, Glasgow, commented: “As a fully qualified male beauty therapist, I have seen the men’s grooming industry grow. It comes with its share of problems to navigate through, but, in the main, it’s very rewarding. You develop a client base that will be with you for years to come. I now have to find another male waxer to help me because I don’t have enough time to take on new clients and work with existing ones, who are regular as clockwork.”

Ben Lifton, founder of salon marketing consultancy Content Kweens:

“So excited to have been asked to speak on stage at PB London 2022. What an amazing opportunity to inspire and motivate beautypreneurs on how to create and use video content to grow their business.”

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How do clients mainly buy their retail products from you?

In-person 70%

Online shop 30%

Janice Beck, owner of Time Out Salon, Stranraer: “I watched the ‘Debunking common misconceptions around HIV and beauty treatments’ Pro Beauty webinar. Great discussion, so informative and positive. Muchneeded education for our industry and beyond. Thank you guys .”

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One in five Brits use potentially damaging products to treat a skin condition

Misia Smith, owner of Soothe Luxury Skincare & Spa, Nottingham, commented: “Unfortunately, this is very common. When I ask my clients, who eventually come to seek help, about why they’ve chosen to use certain products, it is usually because they’ve seen it recommended on social media, particularly Instagram. I advise clients to be a little sceptical about it and to think about the motivation behind a person endorsing a product when they have no skin health qualification.”

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty