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A client’s journey with you often starts before they even step into your salon. For a regular client, it could start with an online booking and personalised appointment confirmation SMS. For prospective clients, it might start when they’re in their pyjamas, holding a glass of wine and scrolling through their Instagram feed.

The journey continues in your salon; how they’re greeted, your consultation process, little treats like a tea or coffee, how the service goes, and the payment experience. Then also after they leave, with follow-up messages or a rebooking reminder. These little touches are everything and they matter when it comes to making money.

Industry consultant Jessica Crane shares that increasing your average client spend can be achieved by leveraging a powerful digital client journey, and we totally agree.

“We call it our ‘client journey funnel’. Before they’ve even entered the salon, we’ve made them aware of how they can upgrade or enhance their appointment with our other services, using online marketing,” says Crane.

This not only makes for a better experience for your clients; you’re able to serve people at a much higher level, positioning your business in a different league to anyone else. Selling is serving.

Selling is all about identifying your clients’ needs and problems and presenting a solution – which might be one of your products or services – and if you’re not ready to serve them on a higher level, someone else will be.

Before the appointment

A great way to upsell is on social media with a promotion, or when they’re booking online, by making them aware of complementary treatments to their goals. “My favourite upgrade method is to upsell additional services when the client is booking,” says Crane.

During the appointment

If there’s time in the appointment for an upgrade – like a hair treatment or an extra 15 minutes on their massage – ask them if they’d like to add it on to their service to help improve their results.

After the appointment

You can also upsell to clients at checkout with offers like salon memberships or maintenance packages.

“Memberships are a great way to create baseline revenue and never have to start your month at £0. Some of my clients have all the bills paid with their memberships on the first of the month so everything thereafter is profit,” adds Crane.

By creating long-term goals and plans with your clients, you’ll build a long-lasting relationship because you know them on a deep level and you’re working towards something together – they’ll never want to leave you or your business.

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty