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1 Apraise Power Serum

This vegan-friendly serum boosts lash and brow growth between salon visits. It’s formulated to help clients achieve fuller, stronger lashes and bold brows in 15 days. It includes trademarked formulation Optiplex Growth Technology, which stimulates follicles to speed hair growth. Its ingredients help reduce lash and brow hair loss.

Trade: £8.05

0141 812 5000

2 Lash Extend Mascara

Some mascaras can lessen the lifespan of extensions thanks to the oils included, but this mascara can safely be used on all lash extensions to enhance volume and add a dark hue. The mascara can be rinsed off with water, to avoid using nonextension-friendly remover products.

Trade: £19.95

01708 465900

3 Marvelash Eye Make Up Remover Pads

For use at home, clients can pair these oil-free eye make-up remover pads with oil-free make-up remover for long-lasting extensions. They can be used prior to treatment in salon too, to remove any residual oil, helping lash adhesion.

Trade: £6.99

0330 123 1907

4 Nouveau Lashes Prebiotic Eye Makeup Remover Gel

This gel is designed to gently remove non-waterproof eye make-up, with an oil-free formula that glides over lashes and extensions, reducing manipulation and helping to improve retention. It’s formulated with prebiotic ingredients to promote a healthy skin microbiome, as well as caffeine and aloe vera to help to thicken and condition lashes.

Trade: £7.65

01977 655620

5 Lash Perfect Lash Revive Intense Lash Growth Serum

Help clients support natural growth in between lash lifts with this cocktail of lash-supporting ingredients including red clover extracts to support the hair growth cycle, peptides to thickenand lengthen the natural lashes. and pro-vitamin B7 to smooth, soften and add volume to the hair.

Trade: £29.99

020 8500 9028

6 Lashus Gentle Lash Cleanser

Help your clients keep their lifts and extensions looking fresh for longer with this lash-friendly cleanser. Enriched with chamomile and ginger extract, the soothing formula prevents the build-up of make-up and sebum without dissolving glue. Use with the Lashus Lash Cleansing Brush (trade: £4.95) to work the cleanser through the lashes.

Trade: £8.95

0333 000 7000

7 Hive Beauty Lash Lust Care & Growth Serum

This vegan formula can be used on natural lashes, or those that have been lifted or tinted, to maintain and improve the health of the hair. It nourishes with jojoba seed oil and glycerin, for full, moisturised lashes and brows, with visible results after 15 days. This is a great one to retail to clients who want to take a break from extensions.

Trade: £6.65

0845 450 4802

8 Eyelash Emporium The End Clay Extension Remover

For clients who want to remove their lashes at home, this is a quick and easy way to get them ready for a fresh set. It’s simple to use; just apply the clay formula along the base of the lashes, leave for one minute and then brush through to remove the extensions.

Trade: £4.99

01827 280080

9 Mavala Double Lash serum

This conditioning serum strengthens lashes and claims to extend their usual 28-day cycle to 36 days, meaning the added growth of new lashes makes them thicker and fuller. The serum is one of beauty brand Mavala’s best-selling products.

Trade: £8.90

01732 459412


This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty