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Tried and tested…

Oxyjet Leo facial

The lowdown: Billed as a treatment to “breathe life back into your skin”, an Oxyjet advanced facial using the Oxyjet Leo device is designed to repair, energise, lift and restore the skin through the power of pure oxygen, helped by a couple of other modalities.

The experience: I had my facial at Lisa Franklin’s Clinic Privé in London, where the treatment is adapted using Franklin’s own product line. My therapist, Kimberley Sofjan, cleansed my skin before a second cleanse with Phyto Gel Wash on the Oxyclear handpiece, which uses pure oxygen combined with Oxyclear Lotion solution. It also features anti-bacterial blue LED light.

Then the Oxydiamond “peeling” handpiece was used, which passes oxygen through “diamond peel heads” to remove dead cells. Next, Sofjan massaged in Refining Exfoliator, rinsed and followed with a light Clinic Privé Facial Peel. The CryO2 handpiece then reduced inflammation while lifting contours.

Next, came a massage with the Oxytone handpiece with red and blue LED, pure oxygen and a poly-rotation head to tighten muscles, followed by a soothing serum and a calming spritz with the Oxyspray handpiece.

The device has a second Oxytone handpiece with a more intense massage head and red LED built into the disk. This was passed over the contours of my face to stimulate the subcutaneous tissue.

After applying Pollution Defence Cream, Sofjan used the pulsed oxygen handpiece around my forehead and eyes to ensure all product was pushed deep into the skin.

Business benefits: The Oxyjet Leo device would be a great addition to a salon that provides more aggressive skin treatments to balance out the menu with something relaxing yet still effective for those who aren’t ready for injectables or more intense technologies.

Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé charges £225 for a 90-minute treatment. 01775 722243 /

Tried and tested…

Orveda Glow is the New Lift Facial

The lowdown: French skincare brand Orveda, created by Sue Y.Nabi, combines nature with science to create highly concentrated products. The “Glow is the New Lift” treatment is described as the “crème de la crème” of Orveda facials, leaving clients with an instantly visible lift and glow.

The experience: I visited the newly launched Kalon Parlour, a medi-spa in London’s Fitzrovia, to test out the facial with therapist Elena Anisimov. After being greeted and offered water to help hydrate the skin in preparation for the facial, I was taken to the treatment room and left to prepare for the facial.

Anisimov began by removing my make-up with a double cleanse using the brand’s Bamboo and Enzymatic Water and Botanical and Enzymatic Oil, applied with a kabuki brush. To activate the skin glow, Healing Sap is then applied before a lifting process using three deep tissue sessions, which work to massage the face and contour, targeting multiple layers of skin. The sessions were followed by a nutritive plumping massage, to re-plump skin after contouring, improving hydration and luminosity.

Eye Unveiler 422 contour cream was then applied to rejuvenate and lift the eye area, followed by further contouring on the face with Firm Brew Botanical Cream, which contains 12 active ingredients to rejuvenate, nourish and lift. Anisimov applied the cream with Orveda’s Zamak pro tool to perform a de-puffing cryo-massage.

The final stage saw Anisimov apply Orveda’s overnight mask, combining nine actives. The colourless mask was not washed off to allow the product time to fully penetrate the skin, with SPF layered on top for protection from sun damage post-treatment.

The verdict: Glowing and lifted is exactly what I felt after the treatment, with my cheekbones and jawline appearing more prominent thanks to the contouring massages.

Business benefits: Despite being packed with healing enzymes and active ingredients, the products are all gentle enough for sensitive skin without losing effectiveness, making the facial a glow and moodboosting treatment suitable for all clients.

Kalon Parlour charges £185 for the 55-minute treatment. 020 7582 3377 /


This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty