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Why do you believe now is the time to introduce advanced treatments?

“Over the past year, we’ve all had so much information shared with us online that our clients are actually more educated than they’ve ever been. We’ve been teaching them how to do facials and skincare at home, which is amazing, but that means we have to evolve what we’re offering in the salon or clinic, which I think comes in the form of advanced treatments.”

How should you choose treatments for your salon?

“Firstly, it’s really important to consider the needs of your client base as there is no point in bringing a device in if they aren’t going to be interested in it. Stick with what you know but don’t be frightened to expand your horizons; make it a natural progression of what you already offer.

“Take into account your clients’ financial situations, especially after the past year, as you don’t want the struggle of selling them onto something that’s double the price of what they are used to. Don’t outprice yourself but, equally, if you feel confident that it’s going to be your client’s best option, then allow for the fact they could be willing to spend a bit extra.

“It’s also worth considering whether the new treatment you’re offering could bring in a whole new client base through press coverage and word of mouth. Ultimately, ask yourself how good you are at selling; if you’re uncomfortable or not fully convinced by the treatment, you’ll find it very hard to promote it to your clients, new or old.”

What research should you do into the brands behind these treatments?

“Find out whether they are a market leader. That can go for and against you because although well-known brands can attract consumer attention, sometimes bigger companies can be a bit blasé about customer support, whereas smaller, independent brands are often more personal in their approach.

“Always consider hidden costs. Find out how much it will be to insure that treatment, additional service charges and how much individual parts are in case you need to replace them. If you’re going to be spending a lot on something, you want to know it will be current and will last for a few years without having to be upgraded six months later. And, if it is something that needs upgrading, is that offered for free?”

How often should you update your advanced treatments offer?

“I’m always cautious when making big decisions so, when bringing in new technology, I’ve always gone small but steady, dedicating six to nine months to perfecting what that treatment can bring to my clients. It’s easy to get drawn in by a new launch, meaning you don’t fully understand the potential of what you already have before moving on. I’d rather hone in on one new thing and become a master of it before I move on to the next.”

What’s your advice for salon owners who are nervous about making the jump?

“I think it’s something any salon or clinic owner should consider as it can only enhance what you offer. I can give a very holistic, hands-on facial and it will feel wonderful, but I know if I was to incorporate LED and a mild peel, the results would be 1,000 times better. To me, it’s about being more creative and having confidence in trying new stuff.”

This article appears in the August 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the August 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty