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Salon System Dual Treatment Lash & Brow Lift System

Salon System’s new two-in-one, three-step system is designed to lift lashes for eight weeks and laminate brows for three-to-four weeks.

The first step is the use of the reformulated Salon System Lashlift Lift Lotion, which uses collagen to protect and strengthen, panthenol to rehydrate and volumise, and cysteamine HCL, which enables hair bonds to strengthen and reform. Next, lashes and brows are fixed and set with Lashlift Fix Lotion; for lash lifts, this is left to process for 10–15 minutes and for brows for five-to-eight minutes while shaping them.

Finally, lashes and brows are conditioned with the Lashlift Boost Lotion, which protects and prolongs tint colour, offering nourishing ingredients of collagen and keratin to encourage stronger and healthier lashes and brows, as well as promoting a thicker appearance.

Salon System recomments charging from £60 for a combination Lash & Brow Lift treatment 020 8573 9907 /

Medik8 Platinum Facial

Recently updated and designed to tackle signs of ageing, the Platinum Facial begins with Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil to clean and rebalance skin, then a second cleanse with Medik8 Cream Cleanse to hydrate with shea butter and glycerin.

The new Scientific Mushroom Thermal Exfoliator is then applied, warming on contact with the skin, and using mushroom enzymes to help retrain the skin cell regeneration cycle.

Next, a massage incorporating Age Defying Facial Oil, infused with vitamin C, helps to remove toxins, stimulate cell turnover and enhance blood circulation. The Age Defying Platinum Mask is then applied, using a blend of natural polysaccharides to lift, rejuvenate and firm. The mask combines nine actives to help stimulate collagen production and prevent it from breaking down. Finishing products include Daily Radiance Vitamin C, Liquid Peptides, Illuminating Eye Balm and Mutiny Lip Balm.

Medik8 recommends charging £75 for the 60-minute treatment 03330 142434 (Skinbrands) /

Sensory Retreats Divine Mama

The latest full-body massage from Sensory Retreats is designed for soon-to-be mums, suitable for those in their second trimester. A pre-treatment consultation identifies aches and tensions before the client is made comfortable on their side to alleviate strain and ensure good circulation.

Next, a scented eye mask is placed over the client’s eyes to induce deep relaxation, and Lava Shells are used with a mild heat alongside Sensory Retreats’ Nourish oil blend, containing argan and shea oil, for a shoulder, back, leg, hand and arm massage.

A gentle manual tummy massage is then given using Lava Shells, before the client is repositioned to her other side for the massage to be repeated. The treatment finishes with Sensory Retreats’ closing touch ritual and the sounds of Koshi windchimes.

Sensory Retreats recommends charging from £65 for the 55-minute treatment 01707 262016 /

Repêchage Back Facial

This treatment can be performed alone as a 60-minute back treatment, or extended to a 90-minute ritual that also works on the face, with Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment and Triple Action Peptide Mask.

It begins with the Vegan Body Exfoliating Brush to exfoliate dead skin cells. A deep-cleansing mask, containing Honey and Almond Scrub and T-Zone Balance Cleansing Complex, is then applied while Custom Blend Purifying & Calming Essential Oils steam is used for 10–15 minutes.

The mask is then removed using the Ultrasonic Skin Spatula for micro-exfoliation and deep cleansing, before a magnifying mirror is used to perform any extractions.

Seaweed Body Contouring Mask, a 10-minute hot-stone massage and a Seaweed Body Cream massage follow, then a Hydra-Amino 18 Hair Spa Serum scalp massage.

For the 90-minute treatment, Opti-Firm Eye Contour Cream is then massaged in before Opti-Firm Mask is applied to the eye area. Triple Action Peptide Mask is then applied to the rest of the face and massaged over with the LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine, before a facial massage using Silver Ball Massagers, then application of finishing products.

Repêchage recommends charging from £85 to £110 for the 60-minute version of the treatment 0800 731 7546 /

Phytomer Cyfolia Organic Radiance Plumping Treatment

This 60-minute face and eye contour treatment combines comforting textures and a sequence of silky creams, refreshing lotion and a tailor-made massage oil designed to leave skin healthy, hydrated and radiant.

Firstly, make-up is removed with Radiance Toning Cleansing Lotion, before skin is cleansed with Radiance Cleansing Cream. Radiance Exfoliating Cream then gently exfoliates before 30 minutes are devoted to a hands-on massage of the face and eye contours using Nourishing Massage Spa Oil. This stage is intended to relax, plump and revitalise skin, as the mind is soothed by the gentle rhythm of the comforting massage.

The next step is application of Radiance Moisturizing Mask to detoxify and hydrate the skin. Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream is then applied to restore the complexion to maximum radiance.

Phytomer recommends charging £70 for the 60-minute treatment 01892 750850 /

KG Professional Brow Laminations and Lash Lift

KG Professional has recently updated its Brow Lamination and Lash Lift treatments with the addition of new products that take the treatment time down from an hour to 30 minutes per treatment.

Both the Brow Lamination and Lash Lift kits are designed to work for both lash and brow treatments, so technicians need only buy one kit (plus one additional products) to offer both services.

Firstly, using Transform It, techs can position the brows or lashes into place, with the processing time taken down to just six minutes. Next comes application of Hold It, to set the lashes and brows into position.

A tint can be added during this step rather than later, which also speeds up the treatment time even further for techs.

Finally, Feed It is applied using a micro-brush to nourish the brow or lash hair, with the client advised to leave it on for 12 hours. New Brow Glue is then recommended to clients to keep brows looking their best after lamination.

KG Professional recommends charging £45 for Lash Lift and £40 for Brow Lamination 01525 838571 /

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This article appears in the August 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty