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1 Happy Paul

Paul Gerrard, marketing director at beauty supplier Gerrard International, has created Happy Paul, a new brand supporting mental health and wellness causes by developing products that “encourage simple, rewarding acts of self-care.” The brand’s first launch is a roll-on perfume oil that uses a blend of mood-enhancing ingredients, including bergamot, spearmint, lemon, eucalyptus, pink peppercorn, cinnamon bark, jasmine, frankincense, rosemary, cedarwood and vetivert. 20% of profits from this first product will be donated to charity YoungMinds.

Trade: £15
0345 217 1360 (Gerrard International)

2 Heaven

Designed to tackle “maskne”, Heaven’s new Dock Cream calms skin irritation, evens tone and tackles sensitivity issues. Combining yellow and green dock leaves with natural antioxidant vitamin E and interferon proteins, the product reinforces skin and soothes breakouts, irritation, rosacea and eczema. Heaven recommends combining the use of Dock Cream with its Nettle Venom Anti-Ageing Cream for best results.

RRP: £73
01952 462505

3 Dermalogica

Dermalogica’s Melting Moisture Masque targets discomfort, flaking, itching and sensitive skin by restoring the moisture barrier and protecting skin from pollution, free radicals, temperature and humidity. The MeltingPoint Complex is activated by the skin’s natural heat, allowing the formula to dissolve from a buttery balm to a silky oil which rehydrates. Key ingredients include soothing micro-algae, barrier-maintaining linoleic acid, lipid barrier-protecting mango seed butter and antioxidant vitamin E.

Trade: £28.60 for 50ml
0800 917 7147

4 Lecenté

Lecenté has taken inspiration from a “garden in full bloom” for its spring range, with floral patterns and vibrant shades. There are six new foils: Floral Blanket, Floral Quilt, Light Pink Flowers, Lilac Flowers, Spring Flowers and Forget Me Not; plus two new pearlescent powders: Blue Faith and Miami Pink; and a new addition to the glitter line-up called Iridescent Flakes, available in Blush Pink and Lavender Love shades. 

Trade: £3.99 each for foils; £14.99 each for powders or Iridescent Flakes
01474 327770 (Lecenté)
0113 217 3803 (Sweet Squared) /

5 Phytomer

Spa brand Phytomer’s new Nutritionelle Firming Lift Cream targets dry skin with a mixture of marine and plant oils, including dictyopteris, glasswort, buckwheat and apricot kernel. This cocktail of ingredients brings comfort and protection, resulting in visibly plumper skin by hydrating the epidermis from its deepest layers up to the skin’s surface. The product strengthens the lipid barrier by boosting the synthesis of lipids.

Trade: £30.01
01892 750 850

6 Jane Iredale

There are three new Smooth Affair formulas from Jane Iredale: Illuminating Glow Face Primer, Brightening Face Primer and Oily Skin Face Primer. Each delivers skin hydrating and pore-minimising benefits to help make-up go on smoother and last longer. These products illuminate skin and offer either a radiant pearl or matte finish, as well as soothing blemishes and firming for skin.

Trade: £18 for 50ml
020 8450 2020 (IIAA)

7 Meso Skinline

The MESOpower Pen – MS-5000 is a professional mesotherapy handpiece with an ergonomic design that adjusts to fit multiple users. It is designed to perform a range of anti-ageing treatments where serums are applied with the help of gentle pressure movements and vibration, such as non-invasive mesotherapy, microneedling and microlifting. Available with the pen are two rechargeable battery modules and multiple microneedling needle modules.

Trade: £594
07710 364975

8 Janssen Cosmetics

Glow Secrets Trend Edition is infused with algae extract from the Indian Ocean for a long-lasting illuminating effect. Other key ingredients include aloe vera, niacinamide and allantoin to soothe. The range comprises Sensational Glow Cream and Magic Glow Serum, which use dual hyaluronic acid and soft focus pigments for an enhanced-looking complexion and 24-hour nourishment.

RRP: £59 for Sensational Glow Cream; £49 for Magic Glow Serum
01229 716075

9 Just Wax

Salon System’s Just Wax has launched Expert Protect & Smooth Oil, a 2-in-1 vegan pre-and post-wax oil that provides a protective barrier and gently removes residual wax. The product is designed for all skin and hair types, including sensitive skin and delicate areas. Key ingredients include manketti oil to reduce redness and inflammation, and grapefruit oil for its antibacterial and healing properties.

Trade: £9.95
020 8573 9907 (Salon System)

10 Gaia

Inspired by and infused with rose quartz, the “stone of universal and unconditional love”, Gaia has launched a new three-product, Vegan Society-certified Crystal Face range. Products include the Crystal Purifying Mask, with Vitamin C from pomegranate for breakouts; Crystal Nourishing Cream, with antioxidants and antiinflammatories; and Crystal Everglow Serum, a lightweight formula that rejuvenates skin with a youthful glow.

Trade: £18.75 for Crystal Purifying Mask; £33.10 for the Crystal Everglow Serum and £29.80 for the Crystal Nourishing Cream

11 Luxe Lab

Luxe Lab is a new wax range that offers a thin application and low melting points, meaning a comfortable wax and economic use. Products include Golden Hour Strip Wax and Golden Hour Hot Wax, as well as the Buff Mitt to exfoliate and Ingrown Hair Spray.

Also available are Protect Pre Wax Oil and Calm Post Wax Oil, which reduces redness.

Trade: from £4.50 to £19.95
0131 332 3512

12 Environ

Environ’s new Professional Dual Effect Filler Serum is designed to help smooth the look of facial lines and restore a rejuvenated, plumped youthfulness to the skin’s appearance. It contains optim hyal, which stimulates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin; adifyline, a hexapeptide which assists facial morphology; and reproage, a rejuvenating peptide. 

Trade: £27.50
020 8450 2020 (IIAA)

13 NSI

Rubber Base is a hybrid gel that offers easy building of the nail or a slight apex for added durability, faster than with a traditional gel enhancement. It’s designed for an extra-strong gel polish application and for use over natural nails. This brush-on, soak-off product can also be used for infills and is available in the two new shades – Opaque Baby Pink and Opaque Nude.

Trade: £13.99 for 15ml
0800 881 8469

14 NAF! Stuff

The nail brand’s limited-edition Cocktail Collection makes a return with two standout scents to bring the holiday feeling to clients while travel restrictions are in place. The super-sweet Strawberry Daiquiri and tropical Piña Colada Cuticle Oils contain 0% alcohol and are available in 30ml Desk Oil Bottles and a 3.75ml Cuticle Oil Pen for client use.

Trade: £12 for Desk Oil Bottles and £5.50 for Cuticle Oil Pen

15 Light Elegance

Looking ahead to Summer, Light Elegance has launched the Forever 80s ButterCream collection in six new shades “infused with the passion of the iconic decade”. Colours include vanilla yellow Leotards & Legwarmers, bright orange Superfreak, muddy turquoise Totally Tubular, carnation pink Big Hair Don’t Care, neon green Fresh to Death, and creamy bold pink Bitchin’.

Trade: £15.45 each or £76.45 for full collection
0113 217 3803 (Sweet Squared)

16 Pevonia

The new De-Stress Escape Aromatic Oil is designed to enhance clients’ de-stressing treatments and self-care experiences. Safflower and squalene reduce skin dryness and dehydration, while lavender, chamomile, grapefruit and rose oil extracts promote relaxation as they deliver hydration and protect the skin barrier. This oil is recommended for dry and mature skin types to reduce irritation and flakiness.

Trade: £50 for 60ml; £26.20 for 15ml
01449 727011

17 Dr Renaud

For SS21, Dr Renaud has three new skincare gift sets, each featuring two products in a cosmetics bag. The Carrot Radiance Bag includes Carrot Radiance Boost Day Cream and Carrot Scrub Detox; the Iris Radiance Lift Bag has Iris Radiance Firming Lift Cream and Iris Radiance Lift Eye Contour; and the Rose Global Anti-Ageing Bag contains Rose Plumping Volumising Cream and Rose Plumping Eye & Lip Contour Balm.

Trade: from £15.50 to £32.50
01280 817881 (Skin Evolution)

18 Sunescape

Sunescape’s new Dry Tanning Body Oil is a fast-drying, quick-absorbing and non-greasy self-tanning body oil that hydrates and moisturises the skin. Enhanced by natural ingredients such as soothing aloe vera and almond, pomegranate and coconut oils, as well as antioxidant-packed vitamin E, it offers buildable, long-lasting, streak-free colour, prevents the formation of dry, scaly skin and develops into a natural bronze within four hours.

Trade: £8.95
01932 339160 (Dermapure)

19 Institute BCN

BCN Lipid-Peptides is a multi-target treatment designed to restructure the connective tissue and act on localised fat deposits, creating a slimmer silhouette. Containing ingredients phosphatidylcholine, sodium desoxycholate, caffeine, carnitine, acetyl hexapeptide-39, pentapeptide-25 and pentapeptide-52, BCN says the product helps to enhance lipolysis, obtaining a draining effect and stimulating microcirculation, which works to target fatty tissue, leading to localised volume loss and remodelling of the body contours. It also claims to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Trade: on request 
07904 655213

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty