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@treatmentroom: “Still seeing maskne. Advised clients to change their mask daily and keep it in a pouch rather than put it in [their] pocket, bag or on a work surface. Varying mask style reduces friction in one place

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Massage therapy could reduce sick days by 1.76 million, according to new report

Hayley Kooner, owner of Hayley Kooner Beauty, Kenilworth, commented: “Great to see research for the Government is underway regarding the many health benefits of touch therapies, such as massage, and how they can benefit us physically and psychologically Hopefully this is a first step towards personal care services supporting our NHS.”

@katrinahermez: “Read the ‘79% of Britons support ban on sample sachets to reduce plastic waste’ article. Single-use plastics should have been banned years ago. Plastic has been an issue in our environment for too long and as a result fixing the issue will take decades now. I most definitely support the ban. Start now [rather] than later!”

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10 ways to make your salon more eco-friendly

Jennifer Turner, owner of Turn Beautiful, Brighton, commented: “We’ve been zero landfill for four years 🌎 We recycle our clients’ empties, use biodegradable or bamboo items as and where possible, and source suppliers who use biodegradable and recyclable packaging and offset their carbon emissions.”

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty