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1 Kaeso Vitamin C Drops

Vitamins C and E work together to help revive dull complexions and lighten pigmentation. The vegan and cruelty-free drops can be used alone, or mixed with a moisturiser, to help brighten skin.

Trade: £7.55
0141 814 1420

2 Dermaquest GlycoBrite Hand and Body

Formulated with 10% glycolic acid, this formula is ideal for treating pigmentation areas on the hands and body. Shiitake mushroom extract and sea fennel plant stem cells work in tandem to brighten and hydrate skin. 

01932 339160

3 SummeCosmetics  BeClarity Dark Spot Eraser

This concentrate is designed to be applied directly on localised areas of hyperpigmentation with a cocktail of azelaic acid, niacinamide, phytic acid and arbutin. 

Trade: £10.12
07539 536968

4 Eve Taylor  Illuminating Serum

A combination of mulberry extract, vitamin C, balm mint, and skullcap and speedwell pigmentation as a result of sun post-breakout marks and herb extracts address exposure, hormonal hyperpigmentation, other uneven skin tone-related concerns.

 Trade: £12.50
01733 260161

5 Swissline Cell Shock White Brightening Eye Veil SPF50 PA+++

This dedicated SPF for the eye area combines UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, helping to prevent pigmentation and brighten and hydrate the eye area.

Trade: £46.50
03330 142434

6 Guinot Concentré Newhite

This 14-day concentrate targets pigmentation and evens the skin tone with melanoxyl, stabilised vitamin C, actiwhite and vitamin E. 

Trade Price:£23.70
01344 873123

7 Beautylab Lemon Peel Lightening Concentrate

This serum contains glycolic acid to encourage cell turnover, while kojic acid helps to suppress tyrosinase to lighten pigmentation. Vitamin C actively brightens and niacinamide reduces discolouration.

Trade: £21
034 5 217 1360 (Gerrard International)

8 Environ Focus Care Radiance+ Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream

Part of Environ’s four-step Focus Care Radiance+ range, this vitamin C-rich cream works alongside a prep lotion and two serums, helping to brighten and prevent pigmentation, promoting an even complexion. 

Trade: £18
020 845 0 2020

9 Phyt’s White Bio-Active Lotion

The first step of the White Bio-Active Programme, this light lotion cleanses, tones, and prepares skin to receive other White Bio-Active products in the range. It contains organic ingredients plus bearberry and liquorice to brighten.

0191 250 9229

10 Image Iluma Intense Facial Illuminator

Tranexamic acid, vitamin C and an antioxidant peptide work to reduce the appearance of dark spots, support skin elasticity and enhance luminosity in uneven skin. Meanwhile, niacinamide and natural extracts hydrate and promote radiance. 

0345 504 0461

11 Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial

Containing physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliators, this exfoliating mask lifts layers of dull skin from the face to reveal a glowing complexion. The formula changes colour from orange to white to indicate even application on the skin. 

£36.29 (via Murad Professional Accounts)

12 RégimA Pigment Perfector

RégimA Pigment Perfector contains a cocktail of ingredients to help inhibit tyrosinase, including Lumiskin, sophora root extract, stabilised vitamin C, black tea and kiwi fruit extracts.

Trade: £24.98
0118 946 3018

13 Oxyjet Brightening Corrector

The pigment-regulating formula includes active ingredients such as vitamins C and B3, alongside phragmites kharka and poria cocos extracts to help treat hyperpigmented skin.

Trade: 30ml Retail Size: £34.24, 150ml Salon Size: £136.40
01775 722243

14 Nimue Environmental Shield SPF50

Nimue’s Environmental Shield offers a high protection of SPF50, shielding against UVA, UVB, infared and high-energy visible light (HEV). The lightweight texture can be worn under make-up to help prevent sun-induced pigmentation.

Trade: £24.95
0333 000 7000

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty