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Client loyalty will have been tested as never before during the long lockdowns over the past year. So how can you ensure your valuable regular clients stay loyal when you reopen?

Loyalty schemes

“Loyalty schemes are a great way to keep your clients coming back,” says Tina Beaumont-Goddard, director of the National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF). “And you can follow a few golden rules to help ensure they work for you.”

• Keep your loyalty scheme simple – for example, offer a set amount of loyalty points per visit. Most people don’t want to be bothered with anything too complex or difficult to understand. This will also mean less explaining for you – both to clients and to employees who will also need to understand how it works.

• Publicise your loyalty scheme – display notices on your reception desk, in the waiting area, in treatment rooms, and at salon chairs. Make sure it’s highlighted on your website and via your social media channels.

• Make sure your staff understand the loyalty scheme and feel confident “selling” it to clients.

• Offer new clients a welcome pack with their loyalty card. This could include a money-off voucher for a third or fourth appointment and some product freebies from your retail range (ask your supplier if they can provide some complimentary samples for this purpose).

• Make sure you tailor rewards, otherwise you may find yourself giving away money unnecessarily. For example, a longstanding client who has regular appointments for more expensive treatments may put less value on saving money. Instead of a discounted appointment, it could make more sense to offer them an additional service for free – one that they may be happy to pay for in future or recommend to someone else.

• Regular but low-spending clients may be more appreciative of money-off appointments in return for their loyalty points.

• Decide if you want to give your clients physical loyalty cards or if you want it to be entirely online; for example, via your salon software. Remember that a physical loyalty card or an eye-catching key fob card is a great daily reminder of your salon – making it harder for your clients to forget you.

A great client experience

To keep clients coming back for more, you’ll also have to offer a great experience, despite the current restrictions caused by the requirement for PPE and social distancing.

“There’s a lot you can do to overcome these challenges,” says Beaumont-Goddard. “For example, contact your client before their appointment to explain the measures you have taken to protect them while they are in your salon. Ask if they have any concerns about their visit so you can reassure them.”

Find out more about how to create a great client experience despite current restrictions at back-to-business-client-experience


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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty