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The coronavirus pandemic has helped shine a light on areas where you could expand your knowledge, with more than half (62%) of spa operators booking themselves and their teams on mental health training so they can better support clients who are struggling and need help. Meanwhile, the industry has been debating how inclusive wellness is, with the majority (82%) believing the sector needs to do more to be accessible to everyone.

Many of you are also re-examining your customer base to see where you can up your average client spend. Just under half (40%) have discovered that moisturisers are the product their clients aged 40-plus invest in the most and this is valuable advice to help you maximise on retail when this customer group comes into your spa. Meanwhile, find out more about the hottest spa and wellness trends this year on page 60, from touchless experiences to recovery and immunity-based treatments.

On the spot

Which skincare product do your clients aged 40-plus invest in the most?

82% think the wellness industry needs to be more inclusive

How are you engaging with clients after being closed for so long?

1. Via exclusive events (54%)

2. Membership programme to encourage loyalty (31%)

3. Referral programme benefits (23%)

4. Regular customer surveys with incentives (23%)

44% have found the coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grants money easy to access

Which condition do you think the public faces the most misinformation about?

1. Adult acne (23%)

2. Rosacea (23%)

3. Pigmentation (21%)

4. Fine lines/wrinkles (16%)

5. Psoriasis (5%)

62% are booking their team on mental health training to better support clients

This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty