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CACI’s Electro Mask allows facials to be carried out with the client’s nose and mouth covered. The product was developed partly to support salons in Scotland, which are still facing restrictions around treatments that require the client to remove their face covering. Designed to be used with all CACI Systems, the mask uses antibacterial, electrically conductive silver fibre technology and has Enhanced Tissue Repair (ETR) connectors, which can be used with ETR leads for a microcurrent treatment. CACI Micro Probes and/or Quad Probes can also be used through the mask.

CACI charges £50 for a pack of five masks. Call the brand on 020 8731 5678 or visit

2 Lemi

Offering clients some touch-free therapy benefits, Lemi’s Spa Dream beds feature a colour therapy mechanism with seven alternating colours, as well as height and electric adjustment. There are two variations of the bed: Quartz houses rounded pieces of alluvial-origin sand to envelop the body when heated for relaxation; while the Water variety uses a heated water mattress comprising eight separate cushions for even distribution and greater comfort, as well as enhanced spine loosening and lymphatic drainage abilities due to its tilting movement.

Price on application. Call the brand on +39 0374 363071 or visit

3 Repêchage

Repêchage’s Face Screen for Facials offers an added layer of protection for salons to help perform facial treatments. Consisting of a clear polycarbonate shield, which promises high-impact resistance and glass-like clarity, the Face Screen for Facials is fixed to a moveable stand that allows you to roll the screen over the top of the facial bed, and adjust the height to suit every client.

Trade: £200. Call the brand on 0800 731 7546 or visit

4 TriDosha

Ayurvedic wellbeing brand TriDosha’s new Meditation for Spas is a guided meditative non-touch experience. The group online course takes place over a three-day, 12-hour online programme. Hosted by TriDosha founder and meditation teacher Sunita Passi and her team of experts, therapists will be trained to deliver basic self-care techniques to clients without the need for hands-on therapy. Spas can then personalise the experience in five steps: Connect, Shift, Cleanse, Nourish and Deeply Relax.

TriDosha recommends charging £40–£60 for a 60-minute treatment. Call the brand on 0115 752 2425 or visit

5 Elemis

Elemis’s No-Touch Facial Powered by Biotec uses Safe-Touch Tools developed to minimise contact without compromising results, and for ease of sanitisation. These include Skin Smoothing spatulas, face mitts, and Incredible Shape and Scalp wands. Also incorporated is the 7-in-1 Light Energy Face Mask, intensified by infrared. Clients can choose between the Hydrafirm or Resurfacer treatment.

Elemis recommends charging £125 for each of the two 60-minute treatments. Call the brand on 0117 316 1888 or visit

6 Gharieni

Celiss from Gharieni is a body-contouring device that works as a 100% hands-free technology, functionable without a therapist. Celiss is a non-invasive aspiration/ percussion process that treats the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach area with 96 nozzles for simultaneous action on a body surface area of more than 5,000 cm². The treatment is designed to both reduce the volume of fat cells and mobilise skin to release pressure.

Gharieni recommends charging £45 for a 30-minute session. Call the brand on +49 (0)28 41883 0050 or visit

7 Dermalogica

Dermalogica’s ProBright treatment launched at the end of 2020 with both an in-spa treatment, plus an at-home version, which is a 35-minute virtual service guided by a therapist – suitable for clients still nervous or shielding, or as an ongoing additional revenue stream. Both address pigmentation and boost vitamin C absorption.

Dermalogica recommends charging £70 for the 30-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01372 363600 or visit

8 JK Group

Wellsystem Spa and Wellsystem Spa Complete are new touchless spa treatments from the JK Group. Wellsystem Spa presents a heated dry water, touchless massage experience, and Spa Complete consists of a dry water massage that connects all the senses through light, colour, sound and smell. Both incorporate a large, rotatable touch display enabling simple guest operation, as well as a video explaining the key features which can be pre-selected and changed at any time. 

JK Group recommends charging £20–£25 for a treatment. Call the brand on 020 8498 7283 or visit

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty