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10 reasons to enter the Professional Beauty Awards 2021

Sam Pearce, founder of Low Ears, commented: “My proudest moments and most cherished memories 🙌.Thesea wardsa ret he real deal. Taking part in it and not really knowing how in-depth, thorough and stringent the process is, is testament to the validity of these awards. Having been a recipient of these amazing awards since 2009 and been a judge, it’s an honour to be part of history. Don’t hesitate – enter your business today. It’s morale-boosting for the team, gives you markers to work towards and you can share the process with your clients. There isn’t one negative. Go for it, reach for the 🌟.”

@skin_care_ junky: “Read the ‘Impact of skin conditions acne and eczema on people’s mental health’ article. Psoriasis is another skin condition that can be very traumatic for the sufferer. I was friends with a girl in school who was constantly ridiculed and called snowflake. People can be so cruel.”

@helsbels999: “Thank you for sharing the boredom syndrome (boreout) article. Knowing that it’s an actual thing is really helpful and I will certainly be using the tips and ideas. Brilliant advice.”

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New mental health training for beauty therapists to help support clients

Nicola Perryman, owner of NYX Beautique, Essex, commented: “Such a strong skill to have in our profession and maybe for many others. I most definitely think that all leaders, business owners, teachers, influencers, etc, across all professions, should develop these skills to identify and support those struggling, as well as to re-educate the people that surround them.”

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty