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Thalgo Hyalu-Procollagène Wrinkle Correcting Treatment

This 60-minute facial centres around Thalgo’s new Hyalu- Procollagène serum, a triple wrinkle correction marine filler with three hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen to plump, fill and smooth the skin.

The treatment begins with the Éveil à la Mer ritual to cleanse skin. This is followed by energising acupressure massage and then application of Reviving Marine Mist to prepare the skin for the new Intensive Wrinkle-Correcting Serum in light sweeping strokes.

Next comes manual stretching, using Thalgo’s Dermastim+ technique to revive luminosity and smooth. The technique is performed wrinkle by wrinkle on the forehead, eye contour area, nasolabial folds and neck. Then comes application of Wrinkle-

Correcting Marine Mask. While the mask is in place, wrinkles are worked on with three massage rollers to amplify the effect.

To finish, The Réveil à la Mer Ritual involves gentle rocking movements and application of Wrinkle-Correcting Rich Cream, before a peach-flavoured Collagène 10 000 anti-ageing shot is offered at the end of treatment.

Thalgo UK recommends charging £70 to £85 for the 60-minute facial. Call the brand on 020 7512 0872

The Esse Experience and The Ultimate Esse Experience

Probiotic skincare brand Esse has updated and relaunched its professional treatments. The two new facials claim to “rewild” the skin using probiotic and organic ingredients.

The 60-minute Esse Experience combines facial massage with active ingredients to lift, define and sculpt. Therapists are trained in the use of diagnostic methods to help them choose a suitable blend of products. The treatment can be further enhanced with a personalised selection of anti-ageing tools including jade rollers, Gua Sha stones and facial cups.

The 120-minute Ultimate Esse Experience includes myofascial release and lifting techniques to rejuvenate and help boost circulation. The skin is then covered with billions of live microbes containing three species of living lactobacillus and followed by the application of the Exclusion Mask, which helps the bacteria start to colonise.

The bacteria naturally produce hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and anti-microbial peptides, which together provide hydration, protection and balance for the skin. The treatment finishes with hydrating products to lock in moisture.

Esse recommends charging from £110 for the facials. Call the company on 01606 835607

This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty