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With so many avenues for clients to get skincare advice, from YouTube to Instagram influencers, many of you are focused on re-educating your client base on skin health.

More than a third (37%) believe how to treat adult acne is the topic that consumers face the most misinformation about, followed closely by rosacea (21%), and that’s why it’s your mission to give them accurate information on these conditions from a trusted skincare professional.

Getting a better understanding of what clients want post-lockdown has been key for many of you after your businesses have been closed for so long. Just under half (43%) plan to re-engage with their customer base via exclusive events online – and then in-person when guidelines allow, as well as checking out the appetite for exclusivity through priority bookings (25%) and membership programmes that encourage loyalty (24%). If you’re looking to spice up your treatment menu, read our feature on this year’s bridal lash trends on page 52.

On the spot

Which condition do you think the public faces most misinformation about?

1. Adult acne (37%)

2. Rosacea (21%)

3. Pigmentation (15%)

4. Dehydration/dullness (10%)

5. Fine lines/wrinkles (9%)

38% are booking their team on mental health training to better support clients

Which skincare product do your clients aged 40-plus invest in the most?

1. Moisturiser (42%)

2. Serum (27%)

3. Eye cream (12%)

4. SPF (11%)

5. Cleanser (4%)

How are you engaging with clients after being closed for so long?

1. Via exclusive events (43%)

2. Through priority bookings, creating exclusivity (25%)

3. Membership programmes to boost loyalty (24%)

4. Regular surveys, with incentives (16%)

53% have found the coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grants money easy to access

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty